Seacom Blames African Governments And ISPs For Costly Internet

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Seacom has heaped the costly internet blame on African national governments and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) for failing to pass on the benefits of high speed internet to ordinary citizens. Seacom was responding yesterday through a post on its blog following numerous queries on its Facebook and Twitter pages.

Quite visibly unhappy that the much celebrated undersea cable is not translating into cheap and fast internet to common people and business particularly in South Africa, Seacom are not taking the fall for this one.

“While we understand the dissatisfaction and anger felt by Internet users in east and south Africa, we would like to reiterate that it would be bad business practice for Seacom to answer questions on behalf of our partners, Internet Service Providers or national government and Communication ministries in the countries through which we have laid out fibre-optic cable.” says part of the statement.

Seacom further explain that their job was to bring affordable Internet to the ISPs and that the public should take the ISPs to tasks on the high connectivity costs despite the high speed undersea cable going live over three months ago.

Neotel in South Africa is responsible for the operation of Seacom’s backhaul, or the terrestrial networks, which ensure that bandwidth is carried from the undersea cable’s coastal termination point, through overland networks to a particular end point.

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