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Video: What is the best mobile wifi bundle?

Ever wondered what the best mobile wifi bundle is? In this video we take a look at NetOne, TelOne, Telecel, Econet and Zol to find out which one is the best overal over 5 categories.

These are Network coverage, speed, device support, bundle selection and the all important price.

How to work in the US without ever leaving Zimbabwe

Probably worth checking out…

ZOL to become “Liquid Home” in the not too distant future

T’was a matter of when not if…

TelOne adds unlimited nighttime data to all its VSAT packages

TelOne throws down the gauntlet.

Elon Musk’s Starlink might need more than 12,000 satellites to be effective

Not enough for the US market at 12,000 satellites let alone the rest of the world.

Utande slashes LTE package prices by about 18%

Entry-level package now cheaper than TelOne Blaze and ZOL Wibroniks uncapped.

Econet eLearning bundles are working

Econet’s eLearning Bundles are working and have been since late February 2021

Do buy Econet’s eLearning bundles

Why does Econet still have them up on its USSD?

African language app Bhala is looking to be more than just a keyboard

New languages and features to come.

Mobile data consumption smashed past 16 000 Terabytes in Q4 2020

a 13.1% increase from Q3 2020

15 base stations to be constructed in rural areas – POTRAZ

fingers crossed these base stations are operational in the not too distant future.

ZOL ends free 30-minute ZOLspot access

End of an era…

Only 2864 schools of the nearly 9K in Zim have internet access

Progress is moving at a glacial pace.

TelOne finally introduces data rollover

Data Sharing plus Rollover data, well done TelOne

ZOL internet is a mess this morning

Here we go again…

Zim ISPs aren’t losing sleep over Elon Musk’s Starlink & here’s why

Starlink is great but that US$500 is a massive barrier.

Dandemutande CEO sheds more light on Utande LTE

There’s more to come from Utande LTE and Dandemutande in 2021

TelOne introduces data sharing, a first in Zimbabwe

One of those things that every ISP should have already been doing…

TelOne customers to face service disruption due to system maintenance

Earlier this year TelOne thanked its customers for bearing with it during the endless system upgrades the state-owned ISP held during the final half of 2020. Many thought that it was the last they would hear of a TelOne system maintenance or upgrade, but it seems like there are yet more kinks to be worked […]

[Updated] ZOL Wibroniks has an annoying WhatsApp problem

A rant about ZOL Wibroniks, it’s WhatsApp issues and the fruitless back and forths with ZOL’s customer support.

COVID-19’s influence on mobile internet and data usage in 2020

A look at the effect COVID-19 had on mobile internet and data usage in Zimbabwe