TEAMS Undersea Cable Ready For Commercial Use

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The East African Marine System (TEAMS) cable will be launched this week. TEAMS is a submarine fibre-optic cable systems linking Kenya to the world through the United Arab Emirates. The project was initiated by the the Kenya government in 2007 to augment the SEACOM cable which runs along the shores of east and southern Africa connecting South Africa, Mozambique, Madagascar, Tanzania and Kenya.

The 5000km TEAMS cable landed in Mombasa on 12 June 2009, and is set to lower down the cost of bandwidth for Kenyans and improve the connection speed.

TEAMS only connects Kenya itself to the UAE and so as good the news might sound for Africa, for us further down the continent there SEACOM, EASSy, ACE and WACS affect us more directly.

In a move that is bound to lower the cost of broadband internet connections, TelOne, the wholly Zimbabwean government owned fixed network telecoms operator, has confirmed that it has already signed up to both SEACOM and EASSy submarine cables and installation into Zimbabwe should be through by mid 2010.

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  1. Robert E

    Hello there. Well, I have stumbled upon your amazing and informative web pages about the Internet and accessing it in Zimbabwe! Outstanding – Thank you – Keep it up – I will check back as often as I can. Indeed – accessability, costs and speed are problem areas here!! Especially as people in the UK and other advanced places can download at up to 10 meg/s, while I am delighted to download at 12 k/s! It is frustrating to see that the high speed promised by the undersea cables around us have still not penetrated here yet.
    Ubuntu 9.10 Cellphone broadband setup not possible??
    Perhaps you can help. How can I get Ubuntu 9.10 to allow me to connect to the Internet? On plugging in the same Nokia I use with the Nokia PC Suite for Windows (Vista) into the PC with Ubuntu loaded, the software sees the cellphone fine. But – There is no entry to select Zimbabwe as a country when setting up the Mobile Broadband configuration options!!!!

    Is there a small Debian file somewhere that will allow the addition of Econet APN data – as is done in the Windows Nokia software – PC Suite please??
    Thank you in advance.

    How can I find your possible answer?? Can you perhaps post to the Yahoo e-mail address?

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