Full Presentation of Zimbabwe ICT Minister, Nelson Chamisa On Just Ended AU Summit – mp3 Download

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Earlier today, we posted an article on a presentation the Zimbabwe Minister of ICT made at a function organised by the Computer Society of Zimbabwe yesterday.

We promised to make available an mp3 file of the whole presentation so here it is. We would have loved to upload the full video as well but bandwidth is an issue here.

Full speech of Zim ICT Minister on just ended AU Summit – mp3 download

Update: the mp3 download on 4shared.com for our International readers.


  1. Nyasha

    Thanks for this. But what kind of bandwidth are you running? I clicked to download and its telling me its going to take 2 hours! Feels like we are back in the dial-up days. Why not upload it to a sharing site? For your international readers.

  2. Kabweza

    Hi Nyasha,

    Thanks for the tip! We’ve uploaded a copy of the audio file to RapidShare. here it is: http://rapidshare.com/files/351101030/zim_ictminister_chamisa_csz_presentation_on_au_summit_09022010.mp3

  3. Duma Mtungwa

    Thanks for the upload, but rather upload the file to 4shared.com, because rapidshare has restrictions on the number of simultaneous downloads that can be made on the file which can be annoying.

  4. Kabweza

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