New Twist to ZOL/Telecontract Dispute: Telco Threatens To Sue

L.S.M Kabweza Avatar

TelecontractAfter the successful transfer of the 200 disconnected customers to Africom last week, we concluded in our weekly round-up, that the ZOL/Telco dispute was finally (and thankfully) over. We were wrong.

It is far from over. This afternoon we received a press statement by Telco sent to the print media for publication tomorrow. You can find the press statement here.

Telco is very unhappy about ZOL’s press statement last week and is threatening legal action if ZOL doesn’t retract the statements, which Telco describe as “defamatory, libelous and calculated to hurt the Telco customers and the Telco business.” Personally, I doubt ZOL is going back on this one but hey, let’s see.

In another twist of this cold press war, Telco also accuses ZOL of threatening to disrupt Telco services and warns that this “would be an act of sabotage and illegal”, and that appropriate action will be taken if ZOL carries their plan through. Probably refers to the base station (the bone of contention).

We made our thoughts clear about this last week; it didn’t have to come to this. On Sunday, the Sunday mail reported that both Telco and ZOL are now under investigation by POTRAZ over the issue. This means the dispute is going to rope in other Zim Internet Service (and Access) Providers. You know, the ones that have been standing by, watching.

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