Econet Reduces Mobile Broadband Tariffs, More Reductions to Come

Econet Price Cut

Econet Price CutThere’s some good news to share today. Econet published new tariffs for its mobile broadband services in the press. On the new tariff schedule, some mobile broadband packages have been reduced by as much 50%. Not all packages have been reduced but hey, any easing of those steep rates is welcome.


Specifically, the 5MB bundle which was US $2 is now $1, the 50MB bundle from $20 to $10, the 100MB bundle halved from $40 to $20 and the 200MB has been reduced from $50 to $40. The rest remain unchanged.

We spoke to a source at Econet and he tells us the bigger bundles will be slashed too in the coming weeks. We think this is a response to the negative response from subscribers who were complaining that the tariffs were just too high for any meaningful internet activity. Our source says the negative response is not quite the reason. According to him, Econet has received an overwhelming response from people interested in the mobile broadband services so much it’s failing to cope. mmm.


Anyway, we know most of the Techzim readers were mad at Econet. Most of you vowed to switch to Africom and PowerTel. Some even to the yet-to-be-launched Telecel broadband services. We can’t say we don’t understand how you feel. What we’d like to find out from you now is if you’re going to consider buying the Econet services following this reduction in tariffs. Please let us know in the comments below.

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  1. I heard that if you don’t use all the MB you buy before the expiry date, you loose them all. Is that true or can you just pay the $1.00 for another 5MB and you get the 5MB’s plus you rejuvenate all the unused MB’s you had before the expiry date?

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