Econet to lay fibre all the way to Jo’burg

Econet Liquid Fibre Map Africa

Econet Liquid Fibre Map AfricaAt the Econet’s Experience Expo held some 2 weeks ago, Liquid Telecom (an Econet subsidiary) made an interesting mention, which from previous discussion with Liquid, we were not aware of.


Apparently, Econet is not just laying fibre up to the border with neighboring South Africa, fibre trenching will be carried out all the way down to Johannesburg!  This is significant: it will give Econet a much needed direct handshake with the high capacity Seacom fibre point of presence in Johannesburg. It will also provide connectivity to the SAT3 cable.

One would understand Econet’s drive to ensure they own and control as much as they can the backbone infrastructure that their services will rely on. On a continent where telecoms infrastructure can still be used to outdo competition and secure a place ahead of the game, this is a crucial undertaking for Zimbabwe’s largest telecoms operator.


In May this year, we posted details about Econet’s 4,500km fibre backbone. Word coming out of Econet is that much of the work on the Zim side is done. Econet remains the only Zim telecoms company with pockets deep enough, and foresight clear enough to carry out such momentous projects.


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8 thoughts on “Econet to lay fibre all the way to Jo’burg

  1. great things happening hey.keep it up guys,we want world class internet services them,who said Zimbabweans can not do it…

  2. Great stuff, I hope those who were raving about other small players will say when we tap into this Whooooooooooooooooooosh fibre backbone when it becomes operational. In the mean time, Telecel and netone are still thinking on how to deal with this one

  3. yeah, thats why. though it dznt justify it. a customer isnt an investor. thats why they went public. what’s settling is that Telecel has threatened to bring 3G. You can be rest assured, they’ll lead on prices and econet will follow…as usual

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