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Dotmore: Telone’s branded broadband services unmasked

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Dotmore logoA big blue dot has ‘graced’ local papers over the past month with nothing more than a coming soon tagline. Yesterday’s Sunday Mail finally unmasked the dot that had aroused a lot of curiosity, it seems that even non techies we spoke to were trying to figure out its identity. Dotmore is TelOne’s branded offering for broadband. The cleanly designed full page ad appeared with the following message:

The term broadband refers to a telecommunications signal of greater bandwith, in some sense, than standard or usual signal….

Now that you know what broadband is and what It does, you don’t have to settle for anything less. Dotmore, the real broadband.

Its call to action is for consumers to connect with the dot and experience more. It then urges consumers to get affordable, reliable high speed internet.

We believe that Dotmore is derived from the dot associated with the internet (dot com, dot net…) , in this case Telone is offering dot More. Kudos to TelOne’s marketing department for unleashing the teaser; it finally makes sense now!

Moving on to the services in question, it’s not clear right now what “standard or usual signal” TelOne’s broadband will surpass to deserve the term ‘broadband’, or how this broadband compares to competitor offerings. We expect prices  to be lower (way lower) than the competition, but capacity may be an issue. In other words, you may want to make that call to find out more now.

We’ve contacted TelOne for more details, expect a story when they respond.

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19 thoughts on “Dotmore: Telone’s branded broadband services unmasked

  1. Just as well more competition is moving into this space I had a torrid time browsing over the weekend with my beloved Africom. But then again this is TelOne, an entity not known for any exceptional service or product but just as another parastatal. When their broadband offering does roll out we’ll let the market render its verdict.

  2. telone, well i have my reservations. most of their clients have been locked out of landlines by massive bills. it will be a tough sale for them. i wish them well.

  3. Likewise ! i also have my reservations about the service, but i guess we will wait for the prices.

      1. The Logo isn’t particularly that nice either! I can imagine it with some green & a more solid typeface including perhaps an ever more slight 3d orb effect. Right now TO ME, it looks like a pharmaceutical company or a brand that sells PVC plumbing products minus of cause the insultingly literal and suggestive name. It’s not that bad though!

  4. Any serious Telecoms Operator knows Telone is a force to reckon with… ignore them at your own peril 

  5. From what i know telone will be offering an ADSL service with the following ADSL bundles :
                          (Speed)      Monthly rental     Download capacity

         1. Basic – 64kb – 256kb    $33.00                        10G

         2. Silver  256 – 512kb      $63.00                        15G
         3. Gold    256 – 1Mbps     $120.00                       20G

         4. Platinum  512 – 2Mbps  $240.00                       30G
    For the first 2 options you get a modem / splitter which will have a single RJ-45 ethernet port and your usual telephone port, with the last 2 options your modem will have 4 ethernet ports. All options are subject to you signing a 1 year contract with the service provider. And the biggest catch is you must have relatively cleared your existing telephone bill if you happen to own a land-line number.

    If they could some how sort out the billing issues and then deliver, i believe it would be a great service for home and office use.  

  6. Africom speeds bordered on criminality this past weekend

    imagine downloading a 10.3MB at 6.7kbs last Saturday nite. ooh crap

  7. Africom speeds bordered on criminality this past weekend

    imagine downloading a 10.3MB at 6.7kbs last Saturday nite. ooh crap

    1. i obtained an application form the other day from my local telone office, i live out of harare so i wouldn’t know about harare and other places but where i live they are giving out application forms if you request one and they process if your current phone bill is paid up or really low

  8. i applied for the adsl and paid for the month yertsterday however thy didnt say when they will come and connect me

  9. Anyone using this yet? How has it been? It would be great if Techzim could do a review 🙂

  10. i have been using this for the past 3 months and gled to say this has been the BEST broadband i have ever experinced in Zim. and the speeds are always constant- no fluctuations

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