Gigatel launches new VSAT hub in Zimbabwe


Gigatel, Gilat Satcom Gigatel, the company we wrote about in September last year when it launched VoIP services, has launched a new V-SAT hub in Zimbabwe. The new hub is a Shiron product and operates on C-Band frequencies. It was supplied and engineered by Gilat Satcom, a global satellite communications provider. The announcement was made through a press release on the Gilat website.

Gigatel is the trading name of Blue Sat Access, a licensed Internet Access Provider (IAP).

According to the press release, the new hub expands Gilat’s existing footprint in the country and Gigatel customers will benefit from Gilat’s comprehensive domestic and international solutions. The solution is targeted at customers like banks, government offices, educational facilities, health providers and other organizations requiring robust connectivity.


Gigatel took the opportunity to provide some information on its current telecoms infrastructure and boldly mentioned that it is tipped to become one of the top 3 IAPs in the country. Here’s a description of Blue Sat Access in the release:

Blue Sat Access trading as Gigatel is a licensed Zimbabwean telecoms operator in the Internet Access Provider (IAP) class. Focused on delivery of broadband service, VOIP, internet access, Value Added Services as well as system integration, Ggatel is tipped to be among the top 3 out of 12 similar operators in the country. Infrastructure already in place includes a class 5 Vocaltec VOIP switch, fixed wireless broadband, microwave radio based national backbone network as well as a Gilat supplied and engineered Shiron C-band VSAT hub.

Just to put some context to that:  There are 15 licensed IAPs in Zimbabwe, and the list includes companies such as (not in any order) Ecoweb (an Econet subsidiary) Africom, Aquiva Wireless, Valley Technologies, PowerTel, Dandemutande, TelOne, Telecontract, Aptics Trading and others. So, an operator “tipped to be amoung the top 3” clearly has to be a serious contender here.

The Blue Sat CEO, Big Chitima, is known locally for the implementation of large scale telecoms projects at companies like Econet, TelOne, Telecel, the National Railways of Zimbabwe and NetOne amoung others. He is also the chairman of Farpin investments, a consortium that owns 60% of Zellco.

Commenting on the VSAT hub launch, Gilat Zimbabwe Managing Director, Moshe Rint, said that the new hub enables Gilat to offer complete communication solution from broadband connectivity to triple-play. He added that customers will benefit from immediate, loc al support for the technologies.

The Gigatel hub is the second to be commissioned in Zimbabwe in just one year. Africom, a leading IAP, launched its VSAT hub in June 2010.

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