Econet provides free unlimited Wi-Fi internet at Agric show


Econet BroadbandAs you may probably know, The Harare Agriculture show is in full swing right now. The annual show is Zimbabwe’s largest agriculture exhibition and attracts even businesses from non-agric sectors. One such is Econet, Zimbabwe’s largest telecoms firm.

This year, Econet is providing free unlimited internet via Wi-Fi for the entire duration of the exhibition (19 to 27 August 2011) to anyone with a Wi-Fi enabled device. This is the first event locally where unlimited free Wi-Fi has been offered at such a massive scale.

According to the show society, this year’s exhibition has attracted some 1000 exhibitors. The show attracts scores of visitors each day who come for both business and entertainment.


Econet has also setup a cyber café at the exhibition where show visitors without internet devices can browse the internet for free. Contacted for comment on the provision of the free internet, Econet corporate communications manager, Mr. Ranga Mberi, had this to say:

With the investment we have been putting in, we are looking to deliver fast, efficient access and coverage to customers, so they can connect wherever they are, whenever they want to. So, really, this is a bit of a demonstration of what the technology we have been rolling out can achieve.

This web access is also a big thank you to our customers, whether they are exhibitors, or show-goers.

We had an opportunity to connect to the internet through the Econet network and can attest to the whoosh speeds being experienced there!

Econet technicians setting up a free internet Cyber Cafe at the Harare Agriculture Show

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