One year later, Africom still sells a Gig for $18

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One of the main highlights of last year’s ICT Africa was the launch of Africom mobile broadband services. The service launched with a one month free bandwidth offer. Before Africom’s product came along, mobile broadband in Zimbabwe was only offered by Econet, PowerTel and TelOne. None of the three incumbents offered reliable connectivity so Africom’s entry was much welcomed.

A month later, Africom started charging for the service and it was nominal $US18 for the first Gigabyte bundle. They shook the market. They provided an alternative. Cheap internet and more importantly, reliable internet. Unfortunately of course coverage was only limited to Harare.

The competition said the price was unsustainable. That Africom would eventually realize this and up it significantly.

It didn’t happen. Today, a whole year later, as ICT Africa 2011 kicks off, Africom is still selling a Gigabyte of data at US $18.


We hope there’s a company with something in the works to be announced in the next three days. Econet has already indicated they will be unveiling an interesting concept of Econet Energy so the Econet Energy stand is one we will definitely make frequent visits to. We hope it’s something big.


Econet to provide free unlimited Wi-Fi at ICT Africa 2011


After just a day, the Daily News website goes down again


  1. Gilbert says:

    Kudos to Africom for sure. Not the best but I aint complaining esp on pricing point

  2. Jamesritala says:

    Is ICT Africa free? As in do I need tickets to be there?

  3. KuraiMGT says:

    It even beats prices in SA data bundle market. Kudos to them. Hope they attend to the coverage issue

  4. CyberTech says:

    One year later Africom is still where it was when it launched this product in terms of service delivery. We need to measure the results by seeing growth and development of the network. They are offering a great product with an awesome price but let the whole of Zimbabwe get access to it, neh. Consistency in terms of marketing is needed as well Africom just painted the mass media red with their ad campaign for just one month and it has since faded.

  5. Bmaziriri says:

    Cheap and fast enuff for avg use I have no complaints

  6. tdhlakama says:

    Hey does anyone knw any ISP offering unlimited internet access and what cost

    1. tdhlakama says:

      Pls not powertel

    2. Itai says:

      broadacom at $100

    3. Simgavy says:

      Contact telone services office. they have recently lauched 4 packages

      (Platinum 2Mb/512kb) for $216 per month unlimited download volume,
      (Gold 1Mb/256kb) for $110 per month unlimited download volume,
      (Silver 512kb/256kb) for $55 per month unlimited download volume,
      (Basic 256kb/64kb) for $30 per month unlimited download volume.

      am using the platinum service–its excellent,am streaming big tym and watching live Barcelona.

  7. Fungaizw says:

    Unsustainable $18/Gig ………Well how about !0Gig for $30 from Telone ADSL Things just got interesting

  8. TM says:

    Before you get carried away , there is need for people to look closely at africom billing system .I urge you all out there who use africom to download an independent data usage monitor from the web and do a daily reconciliation check on what africom bill you in data versus your independent data usage monitor .I have done my reconciliation and I discovered serious flaws .They might be running a scam ..Lets work together to prevent this . Infact this should be done across all networks . 

    1. Itai says:

      no need to download a tool.. the modem comes ready with a usage monitor.

    2. Thembiesiwela says:

      u  have a point …………noticed this a 2 months after using it

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