I walked into TelOne again this week, this time I’m getting my ADSL


Dotmore logoLast week I ranted a little about walking into TelOne and basically getting the kind customer service that makes you want to shop elsewhere. Small problem with that is the fact that TelOne runs a monopoly on ADSL services right now so there’s no taking the business elsewhere.  But ranting about it helps sometimes. It did in this case.


I walked back into the TelOne main post office in Harare this week, just as I was told to. No queue this time so I headed straight for the lady’s desk.

“Hello” she greets me smiling.


“You said to come back today…” I begin before she interrupts “I know. Please give me your reference number?”

She is nicer today. Way nicer. A colleague of hers at another desk asks in the Shona vernacular “Ndivo mkwasha vaya here ava?”. Loosely translated she’s asking if I’m him. I have no idea who she’s talking about but the answer confirms I am.

Whoever I’m supposed to be, this must be positive. If they’ve been waiting for me to show up…

The long and short is that they have a landline ready for me this time and if nothing goes wrong I’ll be getting the service within 21 days. That period is still three times as long as I have been told it should take but I’m not wasting any more of my holidays spirit complaining.

So, 21 days from now, next year, I’ll hopefully finally get the ADSL I applied for on 30 September 2011. How efficient!

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15 thoughts on “I walked into TelOne again this week, this time I’m getting my ADSL

  1. Come on, we know what the telone ladies were asking if you’re the one…. because of your previous article pertaining to telone. I wish we could do something like that to Harare Water, the managers at Mabelreign (Mutasa etc…) use the exact same tactics,…… bury the good paying customers under bureaucracy….the only snag is that they have nothing to do with technology

      1. eish, itwill b hard to get a landline then. i like the requirements for security reasons but they are very restrictive.

  2. Telone ADSL is fantastic. The only real internet service in the country at the moment besides VSAT. You get the advertised speed…..

  3. Kabweza if you have an existing land-line, any idea how long they take to setup everything?

  4. this silly people, i wonder wy do they require peoples pay slips, wen applying for a landlina and ziform racho unoita kunge uri kutora chikwereti chete three million

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