Nollywood on YouTube: Nigerians and Ugandans get ‘local’ YouTube

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Over the past two weeks, Google has launched it’s video service, YouTube, in Nigerian and Uganda. According to the announcements on the Google Africa blog, the local versions of the world’s most popular video service will provide by default more relevant content to the two countries. YouTube in the two countries will show visitors the most viewed and most subscribed-to channels in in the country.

This will also help promote locally produced videos on the global YouTube website as local videos will be easier for Ugandans and Nigerians to discover, watch, comment on and ‘favourite’.

Google says it’s partnering local broadcasters and other creators of video content to increase the local content on the YouTube sites. In Nigeria, Google has already sign up video content producing partners that include Nollywood Love and Lagos Television. The internet giant has also setup YouTube Partner Program to help video creators develop their channels, grow their audiences and generate revenue.

As internet penetration increases and more fibre optic cables arrive on the shores of the continent, bandwidth intensive applications like video streaming are starting to become popular among Internet users in Africa.


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