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EASSy cable down

EASSy cable mapThe East Africa Submarine System (EASSy) has a section of its undersea fibre cable broken since 17 February 2012. The broken section is between Djibouti and Port Sudan and according to reports, WIOCC, the consortium that owns the cable, has already started efforts to repair the cable.

Chris Wood, the chairman of the EASSy management committee has commented that the broken cable has only affected services originating or terminating in Port Sudan or those using Port Sudan to connect to other systems for transit to Europe.

The EASSy cable is the largest undersea fibre cable on east Africa coast. The EASSy cable was launched in July 2010 and has a capacity of 4.72Tbps.

Zimbabwe’s state owned fixed telecoms provider, TelOne, is part of the WIOCC consortium and feeds off the EASSy cable through Mozambique. It’s not clear if the EASSy cable damage has affected TelOne but information we’re getting is that the TelOne ADSL service locally has been erratic since Monday, 20 February 2012.

WIOCC has not mentioned when they expect the cable to be fully restored.

You can read more about the cable break on MyBroadband and ITweb.

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8 thoughts on “EASSy cable down

  1. when is Africa gona have a looking glass? Or does anybody know one? This would make cases like this easy to verify.

  2. Its really funny how i can get more information from “techzim” than as a customer i cant get swap from Telone. Their ADSL is now finally back-up and running.

  3. @WSD Although its back, l assume its still a bit slow. There is a marked improvement around Seacom backbone network response bt its far from best. Until Seacom sorts itself, its my guess that telone adsl customers are going to experience slow downloads.

  4. Strangely powertel has also gone really slow…it was actually doing really really well in the past couple of weeks but I guess someone got greedy from powertel and decided to sell off our bandwith to those affected by the eassy cable and leave us with below dial up speeds!

    1.  Dandemutande use Easy cable as their primary connection and PowerTel as the backup, so it wont be hard to guess whats happening is it.

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