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Econet’s new concept cyber cafe (pictures)

Last week, launched it’s much awaited concept Cyber Cafe in Harare (Montagu centre). We had an opportunity to go there and take a few photos of the place. We won’t say that we loved it! You just need to see the pictures below. We also hope you’ll get a chance to visit it if you happen to be in Harare.

It’s the second such Cyber Cafe by Econet in Zimbabwe. The first was open in Victoria Falls last year. Initially we were worried that Econet is getting into the Internet cafe business and will be opening several of these around. They’re not. At least the Econet staff we spoke to about it say so. According to them, the cyber cafe is just meant to showcase a world class cafe experience and also provide a means for Econet to sell its mobile devices and assist customers having problems configuring their mobile phones for mobile broadband. And other such problems.

Anyway, here are the pictures we took. More on our Facebook page shortly.

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18 thoughts on “Econet’s new concept cyber cafe (pictures)

  1. Lol too many lights it looks like some Brothel let alone a Night Club why so many lights and so many diffrent colours

  2. They hope a nice shopping environment will get me to pay for their overpriced phones and tablets? That’s like listening to jazz because its too hot. They are fixing the wrong problem. If they spent the figures they say on these shops, I understand why they have to be so pricy. Besides a dollar for thirty minutes is so last year.

    1. just a tip, if you’re looking for an entry level smartphone, they have the cheapest on the market:
      if you’re looking for a great entry level tablet that’s solid, they also have the lowest priced on the market:

  3. Sour grapes..looks nice to me…am impressed.Obviously not everybody will like it but enough for good business will. If it was some other company say SpiritAge would you have said the same -ve comments 

  4. This is bizarre! I have yet to hear of wireless telcos put resources in cyber cafes. For heavens sake cyber cafes are on the way and telcos elsewhere are putting resources upgrading their data networks. And retail shops are normally franchised so a telco can focus on network efficiency. Each time I come back to Zim from Mzanzi  after spending time on Vodacom’s netwoek, it’s like stepping on another planet. A backward one at that. And how’s econet data network, totally lousy. Now they give us cyber cafes!

    1. @James…wz abt to respond exactly the same way…econet has NO business doing internet cafes…its for the small guys like us!…just shows their priorities are wrong trying to out-compete the smaller players instead of supporting and raising them up as they use their infrastructure etc,thats the norm everywhere! econet should instead concentrate on improving their data network and pricing,period!

      1. True that, Econet wants to own the whole value chain & outstrip the small guys and startups from the ecosystem, thought it was only on Mobile VAS, bt now they r into cyber cafes!! what a shame!! 

        1. oh well something is very wrong at econet,remember,not long ago,they were even into pay phone shops,setting up kioks and all that even at rural growth points,there is definitely something wrong with our management styles and systems,they want to grab every dollar themselves….what a shame,really?

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