Brodacom introduces unlimited calls for $15 a month

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Prosper Mutswiri

Brodacom Brand and PR Manager, Prosper Mutswiri, presenting the 'talking modem'

Yesterday, we attended a Brodacom event where the company announced some new services they will be offering. One new product presented, a gadget Brodacom calls a ‘talking modem’, is primarily a wireless internet modem, which really looks like a phone and that indeed can do voice calls. The ‘talking modem’ is the basis of a more exciting announcement from the company; Brodacom now offers unlimited calls within the network for US $15 a month.

$15 translates to about 50 cents a day for unlimited calls to any Brodacom number. It’s the first eat-all-you-can voice package on the market and one to set the competition rethinking their pricing. The company came to the market with the slogan “the game’s just changed” and it seems they may have a shot at changing the game here.

But the offering has a condition. It is that you buy and use the ‘talking modem’ to access the voice deal. The modem itself is priced at US $49. In addition to that, considering the deal is only accessible when you call other Brodacom numbers, you may actually need to buy two of these, one for you and the other for the person you intend to call often enough for such a deal to make sense. The other phone will also need to pay $15 a month so it can call you back.


There’s also the limitation enforced by the fact the Brodacom hasn’t interconnected yet to the state owned telecoms operators in Zimbabwe, NetOne and TelOne. Brodacom executives at the event said they will be interconnecting soon explaining that the process has already started. It’s not clear when ‘soon’ will be, and this may make some prospective customers not want to migrate yet.

Calling other networks from Brodacom remains 12 cents per minute, about half the rate the incumbent GSM operators in Zimbabwe (Econet, NetOne and Telecel) charge.


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  1. Bill Mafupa says:

    Interesting developments

  2. Blessingd136 says:


  3. Maston says:

    We have lost a lot of money to Brodacom they are very good at talking we are stuck with useless superphones word to the wise. Don’t rush to invest in Brodacom. Its a pity we had to learn that the hard way!

    1. JamesM says:

      Thanks for the tip. The public need to be alert to this. Visit some of our neighbouring countries and you then realize all of the mobile operators in Zim are offering voice and data services that are pricier but abysmally poor in quality

  4. ic0n1c says:

    I like!!! Brodacom has potential to shake up the market

  5. We intrested in cheap internet #sodat we cud use cheap sype to call people.

  6. Bhinikwa says:

    Interesting indeed…thanks to techzim

  7. Magneto says:

    Brodacom is in deep deep trouble. Barely keeping their heads above the water as it is. Wish them well in their endeavors! 

  8. DigitalZ says:

    i read about some brodacom issues on and we hear about salary issues but fun enough reading in today’s paper Wazara says they have imported equipment worth us25million, i do not think their salaries reach that far. my quesition is given the slow speeds of their network recently do they have the capacity in terms of infrastructure and bandhwidth to cater for a likely upsurge in new accounts for this service.

  9. Zvichakuwana says:

    These Broadacom guys are nothing but liars, how can a company invest 25mil in equipment when its employees have gone for nine months without salaries?Ask all the bankers in town they have Spiritage in their black books. This is a gimmick and pep talk , i think you guys where given those 19th century talking modems for mahala.I think Wazara should respect humans.

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