Either Brodacom has poured another US $25 million into the company or…


You may also have noticed an article in today’s Herald newspaper that’s saying that Brodacom has invested some US $25 million on network infrastructure. The figure reminded us of news we posted almost a year ago that basically said the same thing; that Brodacom (then just Spiritage) had invested $25 million into the network. Other publications also carried the news around the same time.  In July last year, The Daily news carried another report, this time saying that Spiritage was going to invest another $25 million into the network by the end of 2011.

Today’s Herald article suggests the company has invested another $25 million in addition to the one announced in April last year’s. Either that or we, the writers, are recycling the same story over and over.  It’s not unusual for that to happen.

We reached out to Spiritage founder and chief executive today on Twitter this morning (he’s active on the platform) to get clarification and we haven’t received a response yet.


Brodacom is a Spiritage Group subsidiary. The company (also known as Valley Technologies) is one of Zimbabwe’s 12 licensed IAPs.

Update (15 march 2012): We received a response the Spiritage chief executive. According to him the $25M referred to the article is the same April 2011 one. So yes, it’s the old story remixed. He clarified though that part of the story that says about US $15 million is required to expand to semi urban, small towns and rural areas is correct.

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