Zimbabwe among most dynamic countries in ICTs growth says ITU report

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The World's most dynamic countries in IDIThe International Telecommunications Union (ITU) has ranked Zimbabwe the second most dynamic country globally in one of three categories that measure the development of ICTs. The development is measured by what is called an ICT Development Index (IDI), which the ITU uses to determine the ICT readiness, the level of use of ICTs, and the impact of the efficient use of ICT in a country.

With an IDI percentage change of 19% from last year, Zimbabwe is second to Ghana (23%) in the most dynamic change of the countries’ IDI value percentages. The only other African country to appear in the category is Kenya, which registered a percentage change of 12%. Globally, Brazil (13%), Saudi Arabia (13%), Fiji (14%) are among the other countries in the category.

The IDI currently lists 155 countries, and of those Zimbabwe’s ranks 115 from a ranking of 118 the previous year. Other countries in Sub-Saharan Africa whose ranking in the report is ahead of Zimbabwe in this year’s report are; Seychelles (70), Mauritius (74), South Africa (91), Cape Verde (101) Botswana (108), Namibia (109), Gabon (111) and Kenya (114). Zimbabwe is therefore ranked number 9 in overall IDI value in the Sub-Saharan Africa region.

Ghana jumped from 121 to 117. Ghana also appears in the top 10 list of countries with the most dynamic change in the absolute change in IDI and the most dynamic change in IDI ranking overall. Rwanda also appears in the most changed overall IDI ranking. It’s IDI changed from 140 in 2010 to 133 in 2011.


According to the report, Zimbabwe registered with significant increases in the number of Internet users and in mobile-broadband penetration with the mobile broadband almost tripling in by the end of 2011. The report says international bandwidth also increased significantly between 2010 and 2011.

The countries ranked the lowest in IDI globally include Niger, Chad, Central Africa Republic, Eritrea, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Liberia, Mozambique, DRC and Guinea. All in Africa.

European countries dominate the global top 10 positions with 8 countries. The other 2 slots are occupied by Asian countries; South Korea ranked first in the world, and Japan which is ranked 8th.

This year’s report covers the 2011 period. You can download the report here.

Note* Some of you will notice that Zimbabwe’s 2010 ranking published last year has changed from 124 to 118. The ITU says the numbers are revised as they get more accurate data from the countries ranked.


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  1. mmhungwe says:

    Please check your figures “Rwanda also appears in the most changed overall IDI ranking. It’s IDI changed from 140 in 2012 to 133 in 2011.” This does not sound right!

    1. thanks a mil! fixed.

  2. Cde_Hero says:

    Indeed Mr Editor could you please comment on this report http://allafrica.com/stories/201210130064.html?aa_source=sptlgt-grid
    headline is “ITU
    Ranks Rwanda High in ICT Development”.
    Funny Mr Editor your report does not mention Rwanda yet the above lik report does not mention Zimbabwe by both reports seem to draw from the ITU report

    1. You did read the article right?

  3. SummerAlways says:

    Zim continues to rise! 🙂

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