How much the Econet 4G LTE dongle will cost


4g-lteWhen Econet announced launched 4G LTE service last week, they declined to say how much the 4G dongle would cost. They haven’t finalised that they said. So for now we can only speculate based on what we see on the ground plus ofcourse the good old rumour machine.


The company has the dongles on hire at the current UNWTO general assembly, and we’re guessing if you have an LTE enabled phone or your own dongle, they can enable a connection on that too. Anyway, here are the hire prices on an flyer we got at the Econet shop in Vic Falls:



So yes, $70 to just secure the dongle. We’re guessing then it should be worth at least more than that. Indications from the people we asked there are that the dongle will be priced at above USD $100. This is usually the norm with new dongles. Remember when the 3G dongles were once hovering up there too, only to drop to the current $30.

The price per megabyte across the packages is 4 cents, which is just a bit less than the average 5 cents per MB Econet charges on its regular mobile broadband service. But last week the Econet executives confirmed the 4G LTE broadband prices would be the same as all other technologies. Data is data! The 4 cents then is probably just to simplify things.

Econet has promised that 4G LTE services will be available in Harare starting 2 September. In the meantime, we hope to secure a dongle today and do a tests.

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9 thoughts on “How much the Econet 4G LTE dongle will cost

  1. What is the purpose of having a 4g dongle with the same data bundle pricing as the 3g dongle?i hope they will be offering 10-20gig bundles not the (buy a dongle & get a 50mb).With 50mb you can open Google search….that all.

  2. They need to entice us with an unlimited package like the Africoms and powertels of this world. It’s fast but still costs way too much

  3. Econet’s attempt at innovation is almost always hilarious. Let’s see how Telecel handles this 4G you talk of. Do you have your notebooks ready Econet?

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