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PowerTel drops prices in 2 month promo. Invites unpaid subscribers back

hoza-25-35-powertelPowertel, a local government owned Internet Access Provider (IAP), announced yesterday a reduction of mobile broadband prices as part of a promo called the “hoza 25 – 35 promotion”. That 25 is for the new price of the providers CDMA dongle/modem package, and the $35 a drop in flat monthly broadband subscription from $50.

But that’s not all, in a move introduced by TelOne earlier this year, Powertel has offered to reconnect subscribers that have unpaid up accounts. This follows the company’s move in May to disconnect all subscribers that owed it money. The move to reconnect them before they pay means those subscribers chose to move to another provider to avoid the debt. The good thing for Powertel is that, thanks to the new billing system, the broadband service is now prepaid and there’s no chance anyone will accumulate any debts.

We’re guessing, like TelOne, they are planning to chase up on the payments separately. Maybe evenĀ door to door.

Powertel is one of 12 licenses IAPs in Zimbabwe. Along with 3 GSM operators (Econet, Telecel and NetOne) and 1 other CDMA operator (Africom), PowerTel provides mobile broadband and voice telecoms services. PowerTel is however yet to interconnect to other providers locally in order to provide a complete voice service. PowerTel also provides wholesale internet via fibre to other internet providers and large enterprise customers.

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7 thoughts on “PowerTel drops prices in 2 month promo. Invites unpaid subscribers back

  1. The funny thing is when u go to their offices intending to buy these modems they are always out of stock and refer u to some other outlets at much higher prices

  2. Like you said guys too tooo toooo late zol wimax is the bomb.Really sad when you think Powertel had the fibre and they launched years before everyone else.We all should realize everything has an expiry date

  3. Absolute nonsense, i haven’t been paying my powertel bills for the last 2 months and they have not disconnected me. Where are u getting this “they wont allow anyone to accumulate debt”?

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