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NetOne to re-launch OneWallet, introduces off-net money transfers

A newspaper cutting with the NetOne OneWallet brand refresh teaser ad
A newspaper cutting with the NetOne OneWallet brand refresh teaser ad

Information we’ve just received confirms that NetOne is the company running teaser ads in the print press in preparation for a re-launch of their OneWallet mobile money service. The re-launch, a source tells us, comes with the introduction of transfers to other networks. So far, OneWallet subscribers could only transfer money to other NetOne subscribers. The launch also introduces a new payoff line for the service; “MyWallet”.

The relaunch will take place at the company’s headquarters in Harare tomorrow. 

Aside from the transfers to other networks, the core product functionality remains the same, that is it’s going to be SIM Application Toolkit (STK) based. Being STK based means subscribers to the network have had to trade in their Sim cards for new ones that have the memory capacity and security required for the service. This, it has been suggested in the market, has had a negative effect on the adoption of the service. The upside of STK is the added security, and ofcourse simplicity in navigating the menus and transacting.

It will be interesting how the brand refresh will affect adoption of the service. So far, Econet has the lion’s share of the mobile money services market with its 3 million strong EcoCash subscriber base. The OneWallet brand refresh comes as Telecel, the second largest mobile operator in the country by number of subscribers, prepares to launch its mobile money service called Telecash. It could be NetOne was encouraged to create some news around OneWallet, so they are still visible as an option.

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6 thoughts on “NetOne to re-launch OneWallet, introduces off-net money transfers

  1. Interesting developments. We had anticipated a NetCash (EcoCash, TeleCash). We hope for services competition and improved pricing.

    1. Makes 1 wonder what size was the SIM card in the 1st place an cross network cash will Econet even agree!?!?

      1. For cross network, its simple you send an SMS with details for cash out thats all. So short of EWZ blocking net one sms its very easy to do. Secondly the sim card were the regular 32k simcards i believe

        1. Really to send it takes an SMS whats in it for the other provider? SMS is easy to block aswell configure the SMSC to not send the SMS, 32K is to small for a mobile wallet nedd 128K cost of SIM is more than 50c depending on quantity ordered? I wonder who the vendor is Gemalto? Netone not a bad idea though DSTK after all allows them to use less core network resoures and focus on other services. Will the customer interface be GUI for smart phone users sure beats USSD and saves agin core network resources. Does the Vendor have access to a payment service gateway e.g. Zimswitch local enables visa card top up nice if they do!!!! no more scratch cards!! for remattience if right vendor

    1. Marketing is a gimmeck if done well 1 can sell but is the product/service really all they promise time will tell. U know product life cycle how long till decline?

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