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No Dr Mthuli, we can’t keep blaming EcoCash and mobile money for depreciating dollar

A scapegoat is a goat upon whose head the sins of the people are placed. The goat itself is sinless and yet it has to bear the sins of the people. The Zimbabwean government is looking for a goat to place the local currency collapse sin on.  Every day a potential goat is identified and […]

EcoCash deals land 8 firms in court: Zim still treating symptoms, not cause

Eight companies appeared in court yesterday, the 27th, for illegally dealing in foreign currency. The companies allegedly bought foreign currency on the streets using EcoCash agents, illegally.  The unlucky eight are: Titanium Capital (Pvt) Ltd Dream High Investments (Pvt) Ltd Access Finance (Pvt) Ltd Tererati (Pvt) Ltd Vision Credit Score (Pvt) Ltd Capital Profit Financial […]

EcoCash turns 10, let us look back on its dramatic first decade

Yesterday, EcoCash celebrated its 10th anniversary. Only 10? It feels like we’ve had the mobile money solution for longer than that. That’s because of just how much impact the service has had in our lives. Granted, the last few years have been tough for the mobile money services provider. But there is no denying we […]

EcoCash tariffs going up in a few weeks, up to 25% increase

EcoCash, the operators of Zimbabwe’s largest mobile payments service of the same name has announced that they are increasing their tariffs effective the 21st of September 2021. EcoCash effected higher changes to their pricing for higher transaction amounts. The biggest jump is the 25% increase in the fees for paying $1 000 to $1 499. […]

EcoCash will be asking you to update your account details

EcoCash last week on Twitter put out a notice to its customers notifying them of a Know Your Customer (KYC) or account details update excercise. The message from EcoCash reads as follows: Customer Notice. — EcoCash Zimbabwe (@EcoCashZW) July 23, 2021 CUSTOMER NOTICE EcoCash Customer Details Update Dear Valued Customer,Please be advised that we […]

EcoCash’s Zimswitch services including bank to wallet are down

EcoCash has in a statement announced that it’s Zimswitch services are down. CUSTOMER NOTICE EcoCash/Zimswitch service interruption Dear Valued Customers,Please be advised that you may experience intermittent service disruptions on EcoCash / Zimswitch transactions due to a technical challenge. Efforts are underway to restore normal service as soon as possible.All other EcoCash services remain unaffected […]

Screenshots: Don’t fall for this Ecocash scam

One side effect of Statutory Instrument 127 of 2021 is that I have observed an uptick in the use of the RTGS dollar. This is driven in part by increased usage of mobile money, swipe and ZIPIT. Thanks to the new law people would rather buy using RTGS as most popular shops no longer offer […]

EcoCash warns customers of account hijacks (again)

EcoCash has released a statement warning customers to be vigilant especially where it concerns account hijacks or takeovers: Public Notice Warning: Guard Against Fraud EcoCash is aware of reports of fraud, where unsuspecting EcoCash customers have lost money to criminals using false identities after they harvest customers’ mobile phone numbers from social media platforms such […]

EcoCash reaffirms its position as a licenced Bureau de Change

Straight from the horse’s mouth…

Why are you still using EcoCash?

OneMoney and Telecash are cheaper when it comes to charges.

EcoCash US$100 million fraudsters arrested

The long arm of the law.

US$100 mil EcoCash WhatsApp scam doesn’t make sense & here’s why

US$100 million over EcoCash alone hmm… guys.

OneMoney giving away 500MB for a ZWL$1000 deposit

Finally, a reason to deposit cash into OneMoney

Nearing 1 million subs, OneMoney slashes airtime discount to 10%

10% is better than 0% but halving it as the MMO nears a major milestone is strange.

EcoCash & OneMoney grew in Q4 2020 while Telecash crashed

Telecash now commands only 0.1% of the mobile money market.

Cassava secretly shuts down EcoCashSave

Cloak and dagger…

[Download] Monetary Policy Statement, February 2021

Download the recently published and first Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) Monetary Policy Statement (MPS) for February 18th 2021

EcoCash online payments system experiencing technical challenges

EcoCash online payments were down for about an hour early this morning. And then the system went down again.

EcoCash bill payments & mobile app will be down due to system maintenance

EcoCash has, in a tweet, notified customers that bill payments and the EcoCash Mobile app will be down due to a planned system maintenance

EcoCash now charging merchants per transaction with no warning

EcoCash is double-dipping according to reports that it is now charging a 0.3% for every transaction made to merchants.

EcoCash & Steward Bank offering customers ZWL$1000 loans in KaShagi part 2

EcoCash and Steward Bank have rebooted the KaShagi loans with subscribers and customers now getting ZWL$1000 to be paid back in 30 days.

Here’s how much your bank charges you to do a “bank to EcoCash wallet”

Here’s how much your bank charges you for a bank to a linked EcoCash wallet transaction.

EcoCash bank to wallet limits

EcoCash has, in a Facebook post, issued the spread of Bank to Wallet limits across all the commercial financial Institutions in ZImbabwe.

Mobile Money in 2020: EcoCash vs RBZ, OneMoney on the rise? & Telecash

Mobile money in 2020 EcoCash’s never-ending battle with the RBZ, OneMoney nearing the million mark and the continuing decline of Telecash.

EcoCash will run itself out of business with its transaction fees

A Twitter user revealed that it is far more expensive to send money via EcoCash than it is to do a ZIPIT transfer (of the same amount) to another bank account.