Schools Robotics and Science tournament event in Harare this week

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robotics-fflzimThis was one was a bit of a surprise to us too – a pleasant one I should add – when we first learnt about it some weeks ago. There’s actually a local school of robotics and science initiative designed to make science and technology exciting to students in primary and secondary school right here in Harare! And what better way to see the collective of their work than through a tournament.

Some of you may already be familiar with FIRST LEGO League. This is basically the local edition of the initiative and it’s led by one of the founder of the local chapter, Kenyon Stamps. They already help students at a number of schools in Harare and outside with robotics and science activities around the initiative, and this week, participating schools will converge in Harare (at Gateway School) for the tournament.

The theme of the tournament is “Nature’s Fury”. Attendance is free. Also, if you would like to volunteer with the logistics at the event, contact the organising team lead Kenyon Stamps via their website.

Read more about the tournament in the entry we have made in our events section.


  1. Raymond Swart

    I saw this at Chisipite Junior and was highly impressed. Robotics for Grade 7’s and then saw some lego thing at Helenic Acadamy as well. Am so glad to see our schools starting to do some really interesting things for students!

  2. Muti

    this is what Zimbabwe needs.

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