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Full Text: How I first met Sir Richard Branson – by Strive Masiyiwa

On the eve of Sir Richard Branson flight to space aboard a Virgin Galactic spacecraft at the weekend, Strive Masiyiwa recounts how he first met Sir Richard and gives a glowing tribute to the mentor, the philanthropist and the legendary entrepreneur that he is Masiyiwa writes: “I was still living in South Africa, nearly 20 […]

Calling all web developers, we’re hiring!

As Techzim, we’re part of a bigger family that includes Pindula and Soccer24. At Pindula and Soccer24, we publish simple trustworthy summaries of latest Zimbabwe general and soccer news. We’re looking to build more tech to enable us to grow the businesses further and we’re excited for you to join us. So what’s the job […]

UFO spotted in Chipinge, alien overlords or something else?

A traveller from the great beyond.

Watch the first video from NASA’s Perseverance rover

NASA’s has release the first video from its Perseverance Rover

Love code? Techzim is hiring developers

2020 was quite an eventful year for Techzim as it was for the world at large. For 2021 we have a lot more ambitions that we’d like to achieve and we’d love it if you’d join our technology team. So what’s the job description? Well, we have a number of projects that cover web and […]

5 Freelance Work-From-Home challenges I didn’t anticipate (and how you can prepare for them)

By Tapiwanashe Manhombo When I was about 17 and still battling high school traumas, I often visualised what kind of workplace I’d love to end up in. The thought of working in a traditional office with that one window facing the parking lot made me physically shudder. Also, formal clothing stifled my laid back confidence, […]

Why you should consider starting your own podcast & what you’ll need to get the ball rolling

Podcasts are among my favourite forms of entertainment. They often fill in the gaps when I am doing something like cleaning, on a drive to someplace or just kicking back and listening to a good interview or story. One of my favourites is Bill Burr’s Monday Morning Podcast. It’s endlessly funny and is sometimes filled […]

PropertyPro expands to more African territories including Zimbabwe

PropertyPro is a Nigerian-founded startup that offers a property portal with the aim to meet the needs of people searching for real-estate services/products. The company recently announced that they are expanding to begin operations in Kenya and Zimbabwe. Now given that PropertyPro is no small entity – with over 600 000 property listings in Nigeria […]

RBZ & ZRP step in to stop the spread of Pyramid and Ponzi schemes

It seems as though the authorities have now taken aim at the number of Pyramid and Ponzi schemes in Zimbabwe. The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) and the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) are now rooting out these operations. We have reported on these organisations before and how they have spread in these very difficult times. […]

Three 4th industrial revolution policy considerations for Africa

There is little doubt that there is now a mass understanding, or at the very least, mass awareness, of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR). Paradoxically, that is thanks to the global Covid-19 pandemic. However, there are some serious 4IR policy considerations that do not seem to be getting the right levels of attention and focus […]

Nyaradzo Group launches self-service portal

Following the introduction of their chatbot, Sahwi and the ever-increasing need to have information readily available, Nyaradzo Group has now launched their self-service portal. This self-service platform is available to their clients via their website. The idea is to give their clients autonomy in their interaction with the business as well as to make information […]

Case Study: Zimbabwe, you don’t have to be a dev to make money online

Software and Web developers may rule the roost when it comes to online freelancing but that isn’t the only kind of work one can do online. There are a number of opportunities out there. It could be passion or a talent that hasn’t yet been realised, fully explored or it could purely be out of […]

[Update] RBZ website down for over a week now – It’s back up!

The website of Zimbabwe’s central bank is currently down and anyone looking to access it currently can’t. According to IsItDownRightNow – a set which highlights whether a website is accessible- the RBZ website has been down for “more than a week” now. The only reason given on that site is that the site’s server isn’t […]

Beware of the get-rich-quick schemes making the rounds

A couple of weeks ago we published an article that outlined the identifying features of pyramid and ponzi schemes. Their spread has unfortunately continued and it is very concerning. Many of you may have seen a number of get-rich-quick schemes being forwarded on WhatsApp or being advertised on social media. Some of them are even […]

2020 Mid-Term Budget Review: Ministry of Finance allocating ZW$341m to e-Government program

Ah eGovernment… The conversation around eGovernance and making it easier for citizens to access government services is one that has been ongoing since 2015! In the current budget review unveiled today, eGovernance is again part of the budget and this time government is allocating ZW$341.7 million to eGovernance. In the budget review, the goals of […]

The allure of easy money, what seems too good to be true, usually is

Zimbabwe is not a stranger to crisis. We have moved from one economic crisis to another over the last couple of decades. This has, on one hand, made Zimbabweans very adaptive and innovative. On the other hand the dire situation has made people look for alternatives that assure them an easy win. We have seen […]

GeneInsure automated vehicle licencing machine now at toll-gate along Harare – Bindura highway

GeneInsure and Zimbabwe National Road Administration (ZINARA) have introduced an automated licensing machine (ALM) at the Eskbank Tollgate (Harare – Bindura Highway). “The machine is a one-stop shop as motorists can buy both their insurance, vehicle licensing discs and radio licences at one spot. The machine works 24/7 and is strategically located at places such […]

Access Forex, a home-grown, fast and secure way to send money home

With the present situation in Zimbabwe, it is important that Zimbabweans home or abroad have more options to send and receive money. Well, Access Forex is a new player is giving you a new alternative. They are a Zimbabwean owned money transfer agent. Access Forex allows Zimbabweans abroad to send money to their family and […]

Two weeks and five people – Zim government’s abysmal eGovernance

Getting a passport, national identity card or registering a company in Zimbabwe – is the stuff of nightmares for anyone. Longs queues, underpaid civil servants who clearly have no desire to serve you, and the confusion of the entire process will test the most patient of us. The current process of registering a company in […]

Pictures: Blood, Techzim, COVID 19, you

So, heads up! This is not a tech or business article. This is Techzim sharing its experiences with this valuable community. We hope you all can contribute in some way to meeting the need for blood if not by donating, then perhaps by making this a conversation in all places you have conversation. Alex, a […]

Stop amending Zimbabwe’s Constitution – online petition gathers steam

A concerned Zimbabwean citizen has launched an online petition asking or demanding that the country’s parliament stops amending the constitution as they seem bent on doing. The goal for the petition which is on is 2,500 signatures. At the time of writing it is already at almost 2,000 signatures. Why not just get it […]

Press Release: Masiyiwa ventilators now in country, ready for distribution

The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) ventilator suites that were donated by businessman and Econet founder Strive Masiyiwa are now in the country ready to be deployed.  Through his Higher Life Foundation Zimbabwe, working with some donor partners, Mr Masiyiwa acquired 45 ventilators suites to be distributed to Zimbabwe’s public hospitals. The ventilator suites were manufactured […]

Details emerge suggesting Zim’s National Data Centre will be used for surveillance

Remember the National Data Centre? Last November, Mthuli Ncube said that project was almost complete and whilst the project is yet to see the light of day more details regarding how the data centre will be used have emerged. An all seeing eye A report in The Standard noted that the National Data Centre will […]

How Do You Feel About Techzim? Please Help Us

Hey, we are doing a product development exercise and we need your help. We need you to go through the following list of contrasting attributes selecting where you feel Techzim lies between the two extremes. The best way to fill this in is to quickly record the first thing that comes to mind. Don’t spend […]

Government’s Portal For Company Registrations Down

It seems the government’s portal for company registration and name search – ZimConnect – is not working properly. A number of consultants who use the portal to perform company name searches and registrations have complained that they have been failing to complete the registration process because the payment portal is down. It seems the issue […]

Google Celebrates Zim Culture With Mbira Doodle

It’s a well-established fact (yes fact, not opinion) that Google Doodles are pretty cool. Today’s Doodle is extra cool with the search engine sharing a 4 part-story of the Mbira. The mbira is a Zimbabwean musical instrument consisting of a wooden board with attached staggered metal tines. The wooden soundboard (gwariva) is affixed with a […]

Speech: ICT Minister Remarks On The World Information & Society Day

Fellow Zimbabweans, Ladies and Gentlemen; Today, we celebrate the World Telecommunication and Information Society Day (WTISD) whose theme is “Connect 2030: ICTs for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). I salute you with a deep sense of honour and hope as this is happening at a time when the world is grappling with the COVID 19 […]

Work From Home Revolution: How Covid 19 Is Transforming The Work Culture.

For a long time, the work from home revolution has been brewing, but no one expected it to come in such a cataclysmic fashion as it did in 2020. As expected, developing countries such as Zimbabwe where innovations opportunities take forever to be adopted, there has not been much focus on remote working, particularly from […]

ZOL Warns Customers To Be Wary Of Criminals Posing As Staffers

ZOL has sent out a message to its subscribers warning them to be wary of people visiting subscribers homes and claiming to be ZOL staffers in order to gain access to people’s homes The message sent by ZOL reads; Dear Customer.Be warned: there are individuals posing as ZOL staff under the guise of upgrading internet […]

Zuva Petroleum Launches Website With Fuel Finder & More New Features

Zuva Petroleum has launched a new and revamped website which they term as being part of the “evolution of the Zuva brand”. As the world continues to evolve, we have chosen to keep moving with it. Innovation lies at the heart of our business operations. We aim to conveniently serve our customers by implementing technologies […]