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No Telecash in 2013: Telecel pushes the mobile money service launch to 2014

Telecel Zimbabwe communications and branding director, Obert Mandimika
Telecel Zimbabwe communications and branding director, Obert Mandimika. Says Telecash will launch in January 2014.

We just had a lot of energy sapped out of us right now! See one of the most exciting things to happen in Zimbabwe’s mobile telecoms sector this year is not going to happen. Telecel’s mobile money payments service, Telecash, won’t launch this year is what we’ve just been told.

First it was it was November, then December… and now this.

We asked Telecel Marketing Director Obert Mandimika what the issue is and he told us the Telecash platform itself is actually perfectly ready for launch. The delay, he said, has been caused by the need to launch Telecash with full integration to a number of banks that the mobile operator is working with to allow wallet-bank-wallet transfers.


Mandimika said so far they had completed integration with some banks but needed to have a minimum number of them on board for the launch. ¬†We’re guessing they need to complete integration with this list of banks. He wouldn’t confirm this though.

The problem, said Mandimika, had been worsened by banks entering into what is called a ‘freeze period’, apparently a period they don’t do enough of this integration work needed. We’re guessing freeze just means holiday.

So there you have it gentlemen. No need to hold our breath for now. This matter is a till next year one!

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