Breakdown of Telecash tariffs, and how they compare to EcoCash

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telecash-tariffsSo, Telecel has been pushing the message that their mobile money is cheaper. Just how cheap you must be curious? Well, we just got the Telecash tariff schedule and here’s our quick assessment of it, and comparison with Econet’s EcoCash tariffs below:

  • Like EcoCash, cash-ins with Telecash are free. Cash-outs are also free but only for unregistered customers.
  • EcoCash is only cheaper on amounts below $1.99 on cash sends to unregistered subscribers. Where a registered subscriber is cashing out, Econet doesn’t charge anything at this amount level whereas Telecash charges 7 cents and 8 cents respectively.
  • For all other transaction ranges the Telecash tariff is cheaper by between 7% and as much as 50%.

Here are the comparison tables below. Basically the redder the colour in the difference, the lower the percentage cheaper Telecash is. And the greener the better for you future Telecash subscribers.

The n/a in the difference is where Ecocash is way way cheaper because it’s free.







  1. Ngoni

    I will give it a try

  2. The King

    They may have cheaper tariffs but as long as they don’t have a good merchant network, they will never beat EcoCash. Good though, competition will force Ecocash to lower tarriffs

    1. TeleCash Lover

      What network do they need… if you have the TeleCash Debit card, u can use any ATM, any POS as a cashout agent – the card works on ZimSwitch so u can even do Cash-Back at any OK, TM …. Ecocash WHO???

      1. Tinashe Roy

        The merchant network is Ecocash’s greatest and only strength. If telecash can match that in addition to the ATM and TC debit card they have they’ll be fine. Just hope they did invest into good infrastructure to support the heavy load that will come with high traffic. Kudos to Telecel though for the well integrated system.

      2. Marunda

        What you do not know is that this has been happening before telecast, Zimbabwean Banks have 4000 POS machines half of which are broken down and the few (under 1000) that are still working are maintained by Econet through one of their subs. Ma ATM aunoreva manganiko iwe? Telecash is just an extension yema bank which will not make any difference for the average man on the street. I can not see anything new on this. Honestly the can do better.

      3. Kuda

        Quick one, how much does Telecash card with Barclays, CBZ, FBC or Stanbic charge for a USD40 transaction?

  3. Magneto

    The tariffs are really really good… I wonder how the titans at Econet Park will react. Although I believe the killer will be the ability to send money across all networks.

  4. Chihelele

    Econet will block access, very sooner than later.

  5. Wezhira

    Ecocash will stay way ahead of Telecash for the very same reason Econet has 9 million subscribers to Telecel’s 2million, despite Telecel having way better rates and tariffs: Econet Brand.

    1. Peter Zvekare

      I don’t think investors in this 21st century era are much interested on company’s shareholder base or its followers on #Twitter; as that wont define a company’s efficiency in any way. People need quality services with as minimum costs as possible. Telecash has strategically penetrated the local mobile banking industry in a very stylish manner!

      1. Marunda

        Honestly if you think low prices define the game unonyepa! Youi see crew re Econet rinorovera bhora mugedhe! they innovate and deliver. The tricks of Telecel will not work for me. My EcoCash line is essentially my bank account and munhu haangochinja nekuda kusevha tuma cents utwo. In other words Telecash is more of the same. More like a copy and pest ye EcoCash but iri black and white. Varikuda kuita inonzi free at the gate but everything inside is for sale! The danger of copying is that there is really no excitement about a replication which has limited choice. Regai tigoona.

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