WhatsApp is what’s down right now (update)

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whatsdownIf your WhatsApp is not working right now, fret not. Don’t go reinstalling the app, or cursing your mobile network. WhatsApp is down for all of us. Through the flurry of tweets and Facebook updates on the downtime, we can tell numerous countries are affected. It’s been down since about 5PM (GMT).

Of course users of the app have been quick to pile the blame on the acquisition, and have been tweeting jokes about it being Facebook’s fault. Of-course this is not the case. It’s probably something seriously wrong with the WhatsApp servers and certainly nothing intentional by Facebook.

Update: WhatsApp just sent an update via their @wa_status account acknowledging the downtime and assuring users the app will be back up soon:

Update: And it’s back! 6 hours later. It’s starting to make sense why Facebook was willing to part with $19bln. The whole world stopped just to complain today!


  1. Chihelele

    Some people are acting as if this is the end of life. Its not a deliberate move. But this blackout will give people to have other social life other than whatsapp. Im in France and its a funeral kuno, after just 3 hours of not having whatsapp. Come on guys

    1. Farai Sairai

      Reminds me of Facebook going down and life stopped…..for some 😀

  2. Whatsapp User!

    When was the last major downtime for Whatsapp? and how long it took them to recover the service? I guess this could be a tactical move from their part for whatever reason (financially, politically, PR-wise, … etc)

  3. Ruth Courtenay

    ive deleted it and now cant reinstall it what do i do

    1. Garikai Dzoma

      Try downloading the APK to your phone and reinstalling it. Or downloading it on your phone and completing the set up using WiFi.

  4. Sharan

    It is still not able to send pictures. Only the text messaging is up!!

  5. vusie

    very good

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