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TECNO enters America with a bang, the pessimist in me worries about them dumping Africa in the future

Our beloved TECNO held its first ever global product launch in the US, where they unveiled the new Camon 19 to the world. They were high up on the 65th floor of the Rockefeller when they pulled the curtain on the latest TECNO smartphone which opens a new chapter for the company. The Camon 19 […]

Is Apple really revolutionising computers with its stupidly good new M2 processors?

Before you say it, I know, Apple’s computers are overpriced. That’s just something we have all known to be true for years and years. We don’t even question it anymore. However, is that really the case? The logic we use is that if two tools can only do the same job, they have to be […]

I’ve never wanted an iPhone more – iOS 16 looks legit

We have now had a glimpse of the version of software that the iPhone 14 will be shipping with. Apple showed us the new iOS 16 at their recently held developer conference. Although I’m probably the biggest Android fan out there, I gotta admit, it looks good. Over the years, both Android and iOS have […]

Samsung doubles phone storage speed, energy efficiency up 45% with UFS 4.0

The smartphone is like the human body in many ways. It’s an intricate collection of parts working together towards one goal. In both cases the brain and the CPU remain the most important part of the whole system. We acknowledge that the brain is important in biology but we are also acutely aware that the […]

Tecno Spark 9 Revealed. Better display, design and cameras.

Tecno’s most popular model just got a sequel in the form of the Spark 9 series. And it’s got a few changes notably in the design, cameras, and display. Camera Selfies have been upgraded to 32MP which should be the same one that did good work on the Camon 18 Premier. It will be using […]

New method claims to help you read 1.5x faster, all from the click of a button

I’m that guy that watches YouTube videos at 1.5x speed and at 2x for those slow talkers. Time is a limited resource and whenever I watch a 10 minute video in 6.5 minutes, I feel like I’m gaming the system. I do the same with podcasts, I never listen at normal speed. I have been […]

RAM plus an SSD could saving you from buying a brand new laptop

We all like new nice things, to a point that people are saying “a soft life is my birthright“. However, unless your pockets can barely contain your income you are pretty much stuck with whatever you have. Especially here in Zim where even those who are formally employed have side hustles so they can meet […]

Here’s your chance to win US$100 playing the Zimbabwean made casual game – Super Java

Several reports show that about 40% of the entire global population plays video games. The proportion is 25% for the Middle East and Africa. A quarter of 1.6 billion people is nothing to scoff at, 388 million players roam these regions. Another misconception is that these players are young males who spend 18 hours a […]

Cool new things in Windows 11 beta Build 22593.1

The latest beta build of Windows 11 which is this one 22593.1 is out and I have been pushing some buttons. Here are all the new bits. Groove Music Player is dead RIP to the Groove music player. Say hello to the Media Player. What it does is it curates your audio and video library […]

ASUS ROG Zephyrus M16 review. So powerful it’s funny

The King is dead! Long live the King! My long serving HP Envy 17t choked on a dosen green screens of death before shutting down for the last time. I did a diagnosis and the HP forums concluded that the CPU was fried. And just like that I had to get a replacement and it’s […]

EU to force WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger to interoperate with smaller platforms. Sasai must be giddy

It is amazing that in a world of over 7 billion people of different nationalities only a handful of online platforms are popular. Such is the advantage first movers enjoy when they create platforms and amass millions of users before the competition even exists.  When the competition eventually comes it will have its fans but […]

Pay a monthly fee to use a phone that you’ll never own? Apple thinks that could work

The business of selling phones used to be a simple one. A manufacturer made a phone and a customer coughed up the asking price, took the phone home and the business was concluded. There was some kind of warranty but for the most part, it was like buying tomatoes at the market. That’s pretty much […]

People please, you don’t need RAM cleaners/optimisers, phone boosters on your phones

I have found that a significant number of people have RAM optimisers on their smartphones. I would see those RAM Cleaner apps but it didn’t register in my mind just how many people were using those useless apps. Then I looked at the top apps in Zimbabwe. Turns out that people really do love those […]

Samsung Galaxy A12 was the best selling Android smartphone of 2021, but iPhone dominated

Samsung had the best selling Android smartphone in 2021. The Galaxy A12 was released in December 2020 as successor to the budget Galaxy A11. The A12 went on to be the best selling Android smartphone in 2021, commanding 2% of all smartphone sales in the year.  The phone has a 6.5 inch HD+ display, 5000mAh […]

JBL Tune 510 bluetooth headphones. Value for money.

These are the JBL Tune 510 BTs and they are in for a review. Jumping straight into the box. It contains some paperwork isncuding a setup guide, some safety information and some warranty cards, USB-C cable for charging and the headphones themselves. Exterior Everything is in the right cup on the Tune 510s. Power button, […]

If $1200 for the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is peanuts, Caviar will sell you a pimped up one for $7900

The Samsung Galaxy S22 lineup has been out for a few weeks now. The three variants, the S22, S22 Plus and S22 Ultra are on the wishlist of many a smartphone fan. The Ultra, especially, feels like the best Android phone on the market right now. I can only watch reviews and enjoy the phone […]

Half of all smartphones sold in Africa are Transsion brands. How did itel, Tecno and Infinix’s parent get so dominant?

If you’ve been on Zimbabwean social media in the past few years you have seen the jokes about itel. Snobby Zimbabweans love mocking itel smartphone users. Yes, the elites with $55 iPhone 5’s love telling us how much better than us they are. Unfortunately for them, most Zimbabweans and Africans at large do not care […]

Fully charge your phone in 9 minutes? OPPO says why not with 240W fast charging

OPPO is at it again with their innovations in fast charging. At Mobile World Congress 2022 they announced a 150W SuperVOOC fast charging standard that will debut in a OnePlus phone in the second quarter this year. With this crazy fast charging, you will be able to charge a phone with a 4500mAh battery from […]

Beats Studio Buds. Overpriced

The beats studio buds are in the building and on the box it says made for AppleTV, iPhone and iPad. So yeah. Here is an iphone. And this is what they mean. Pairing To pair with an iPhone all you have to do is open the case and the iPhone will detect them and ask […]

HP Pavilion 15 Gaming. Gaming PC Lite

I call this one an OMEN lite because, well, same design with the sharp angles and also an overdose on the hulk juice with the green accents. It’s the HP Pavilion gaming. But is it though? Exterior It’s a stealthy look. Matte black all round with a little green for the Pavilion and another one […]

GTeL Infinity 10 review. Pleasant surprises

In terms of design we have very minor visual changes. I mean you’d be forgiven to say it’s the same design but again, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Exterior Design It’s a little bit bigger than the Infinity 9. 6.7 inch display from the 6.5 inch on the Infinity 9 and it’s also […]

MacBook 16 Pro vs Asus Zephyrus M16. Apple Vs Windows

This is a comparison between a MacBook 2019 and an Asus ROG Zephyrus M16. We look at the different camps and see the benefits and shortcomings of both. You should also check out Tecno Spark 8P review. Is it just me or are budget phone getting better-looking Car review: the all-electric BYD T3, a minivan […]

Android to iOS. Is the learning curve worth it?

So this is 1 month of owning the iPhone and this happened. I dropped it on my HP laptop and it left 2 dents…on a metal laptop. The phone is fine but a moment of silence for the tempered glass that had to break the fall. This is no joke my 1st time actually using […]

Tecno Pova 5G review. Flying too close to the sun?

It’s got a huge presence thanks to its sheer size. Bags and bags of performance thanks to that Dimensity 900 CPU paired with the superfast RAM and internal storage and even though the battery is smaller than it’s predecessor’s, it’s going to outlast almost anything on the market right now.

Wordle: simple game that even you might code went viral and then sold for over US$1m

What can one do to kill a bit of time? There are literally thousands of things one can do but how many of those are simple, a bit challenging, not time consuming and can be enjoyed with millions of people across the globe? Well Wordle is all those things. Wordle is a web-based daily word […]

Windows 11 on a phone. Dudes using cars to mine bitcoin! What the__?

There is a lot of cool stuff happening around the world and here I talk about some of that. There is no particular theme, just random stuff you might also find cool. Ya man, Jamaica pon di e-currency Whilst we drag our feet here in Zimbabwe, Jamaica will be rolling out its digital currency this […]

Apple’s App Store now permits unlisted apps

Apple announced last week that it will allow companies and developers to distribute unlisted apps through its App Store according to a report by MacRumours. The facility is there for applications that Apple termed as “not suited for public distribution”, and they will only be discoverable via a direct link or through Apple Business Manager […]

You can now download Pindula’s data free news app via WhatsApp

Our friends over at Pindula have been hearing from their readers that they don’t have access to the Play Store or that downloading an app from there is difficult. The biggest reason is that many Zimbabweans are locked in WhatsApp bundles so getting any application requires a general data bundle or Wi-Fi which are both […]

Tecno Spark 8P review. Is it just me or are budget phone getting better-looking

I finally got my hands on the Tecno Spark 8P and for an entry-level device, Tecno has outdone themselves here. Out of the box I was really impressed by the textured finished because some device manufacturers are leaning more and more into the glossy fingerprint attracting casings. Tecno didn’t get full marks in this category […]

Samsung to debut “most noteworthy S series device ever” February 9th?

Samsung’s first Unpacked event of the year is set to take place on the 9th of February 2022 and there has been a slight buzz around what the company’s president Dr TM Roh said : “At Unpacked in February 2022, we’ll introduce you to the most noteworthy S series device we’ve ever created. The next […]