Is Popcorn Time the future of movie streaming for the rest of the world?

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popcorn-timeRestriction is an enemy of the internet, and time after time, stuff you’re not supposed to access because you haven’t coughed up dollars for, finds its way to your screen, which for many people solves a myriad of problems, albeit most times illegally.

This is the case of Popcorn Time.

If you live outside the US and Europe, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant Video, BBC iPlayer and ITV are essentially useless. Well, you can get yourself a credit card that works (a mission if you live where I live), and to go around the location restriction, do some DNS hacking or paying for it on sites like unblock-us. All these to, at the end of it all, get access to movie content that’s not even the latest. So it’s back to our ear MultiChoice, buying pirate movies on the streets, or working torrents.

Popcorn Time gets rid of all that. It’s already been called the Netflix of pirated content.

The main thing it does away with is the location restriction and the need to pay for content. You still have to have very good broadband to get a decent watch.

It’s like a BitTorrent PC client, except it organises the movies in an easy to navigate window, lets you select what you want to watch, you click “watch now”, then does all the behind the scenes torrent stuff and plays the movie. For free.



  1. fiend

    There are many. Some better than popcorn time. You just happened to come across it. News to you and some.

    You are sharing pirating tools by the way. Not responsible.

    1. L.S.M. Kabweza

      Not sharing piracy tools.. sharing the developments in tech. Positive or negative! I am not a fan of restriction too though.

      1. Sadombo


  2. Sadombo

    Add Glowgaze and Megashare into the mix

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