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Astro mobile to launch a new flagship smartphone called Astro Virtual 2


Local tech services and devices company Astro, is set to launch their new flagship smartphone called the Astro Virtual 2 tomorrow at an event to be held in Harare. Astro is keeping details of the device under wraps until the official unveiling but obviously it’s an upgrade to the current flagship, the Astro Virtual.

From the visuals currently available, the Astro Virtual 2 has an estimated size 5.1 inches, same as the predecessor. However, the bottom part of the Astro Virtual 2 has an oval shape similar to that on the Huawei Ascend P6 and now P7.

Astro Virtual 2's predecessor, the Astro Virtual
Astro Virtual 2’s predecessor, the Astro Virtual

But more than the shape and size, costumers will be more interested in the hardware specs powering Astro’s new flagship. At this point we can only speculate that the Astro Virtual 2 will be a huge improvement to the Dual core processor, the 8 GB storage, and maybe the 8MP camera on the Virtual (1).

One interesting point to note is this is the first time this year Astro is launching something from their devices division. For the greater part of the year, Astro has been making attempts at pushing products in their software division with very little success. The weak response to the Astro Mobi store is one example of how their efforts at software haven’t gone according to plan and the future of the company looks increasingly dependent on their good old devices division.

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5 thoughts on “Astro mobile to launch a new flagship smartphone called Astro Virtual 2

  1. Interesting. I am curious to see who has superior products btwn Astro and Gtel…. But the Astro Virtual 2 promises to be a hit. If only they price it correctly…

  2. HTC, Sony or Samsung are the best, and they are amazing: quick, stylish. I strongly recommend Galaxy Range Android Smartphones.

  3. Don’t underestimate the Mobistore, don’t write it off, I am one of the content providers who got the priviledge to test it, its going to be a hit. Lets support the efforts of our local people, and we will go far

  4. Astro thank you for such development!Am one of your customers who is enjoying your products.

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