Econet selling a ZTE V795 entry level smartphone for $55. Our thoughts

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zte-V795Econet last month introduced a new smartphone deal targeting first time smartphone users; a ZTE V795 Android smartphone for just $55. Late last year Econet introduced the Huawei Ascend Y220 targeting the same market segment and we are guessing the Y220 has sold out and the ZTE V795 is the replacement.

Chinese telecoms company ZTE released the ZTE V795 in 2013 running with specs more or less similar to those of the Huawei Ascend Y220. The similarities are on the 3.5″ TFT touch screen display, both are running on Android 2.3.6 Ginger bread and both dual core processor powered.

There isn’t much material in terms of reviews, but judging from the specs, the ZTE V795 likely performs within the range of the Huawei Ascend Y220. This means with limited RAM and Storage space (256 mb and 512 mb respectively), users will be limited on the number of apps they can have on the device.

Econet has said the device will not come with a memory card which means anyone other than a first time smartphone user will be frustrated by it because some of your handy apps will not run on it. Provided that the ZTE V795 has no bloatware, adding a memory card may just allow users to add three or four low spec apps to the limited app space. But then, at $55, we have to remember this is an ultra low cost smartphone.

In October 2013, ZTE announced the latest upgrade to the ZTE V795 called the ZTE v795 II. The updated version runs on Android 4.2 and has 512 RAM to allow more apps to run on it.

From the looks of it, the ZTE V795 is not a bad phone, in fact, the hope with such low priced devices is to increase the smartphone penetration which Econet estimates to be 10% on their network. However, the device is designed for first time smartphone users, anyone else will hate it.

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  1. Drogo

    This is absurd….lol!!! Internal Storage 256 mb and 512 mb We have to snub such attempt to persuade a gullible public to spend their tad money on overhyped and totally useless phones.

  2. Anonymous

    MTN has a prepaid deal for just R450 for Y220 yet our own Econet sell it for 70 unotoshaya kuti zviri kufamba sei

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  4. eng munanga

    i would rather buy a chinese tab 7 ” with 8 gig internal memory, 512 ram, android version 4.04 ice cream jellybean for $85, support all android apps

    1. Anonymous

      Hey were can i find that chiniese tab 7

  5. Cyber T

    Go and buy the 85 dolar Tab..Munotoshamisa…Econet s makin business ..nxt yr they will b posting in thier financials huge margins contributed by data usage on thier network. and wat causes that? small and affordable smartmobile like that ztev chakuti. What pple dont knw is u myt spend yo life hatin wat Eco s offering but zvavo zvikutofire so. ryt now where else can u get that sane deal fo 50 usd? Viva Econet Viva ZTE..tichamhanya kunotenga frm xool kids,varsity crews, informal n formal employees..imi moto sara makashama vana drogo nana ano. Kkkkk

    1. Danie

      Cyber did nobody say they hate Econet??? It’s their overpriced garbage people hate. Like what the writer stated :the phone is only good for a newbie.

      Real people don’t waste hard earned cash on garbage, only people who have no idea what a smartphone is queque to buy such garbage. The devices are for people who can’t distinguish between an entry-level phone and garbage.

    2. Tendai Mupaso


    3. nqobilebongubuhle

      what can I do if my ZTE V795 “cannot connect to camera”

  6. mellisa

    garbage or not, am sure people are flocking to buy this low priced phone, problem yenyu ndeyekuti unofunga kuti everybody wants to use as much apps or functionality as you do. Tonnes of people just want Whatsap or Facebook, so that ZTE serves the purpose. I use a Galaxy S2 would not buy the ZTE but I have 3 or so relatives using the Huawei Y220 and they are happy, don’t judge things through your eyes only,

    1. Danie

      Mellisa, nobody is judging nothing. I know the phones are garbage they don’t last a 6 months. That’s a fact!!! The phones are garbage hardwarewise..

      1. ruby

        I hv been using my zte 4 a yr nw n ts still sensitive, hs fallen more thn enough times bt it still works lyk a day old fon

    2. Anonymous

      Here is the saddest part though – econet will make extra from all the airtime chowing that android phones do – regular folk won’t know hoe to control it, turn off background data and auto sync etc. And I’m sure econet wireless won’t be in any hurry to educate them.

      1. Law

        Anonymus wakapenga, not even one day will they educate you. No wonder why they more ino Android. Munodyiwa mari mukazvirega gore rino. its cheap to buy, but etym ma1, you wont be able to stop those background Data, even if you stop them, they start automatically zvotanga kurova etym yese wakadhika, wotoshaya kuti ko etym yako ikufambasei?

    3. Gabriel musonza


  7. Danie

    Flocking to buy garbage cause they are dumb, ndotype inoisirwa whatsapp mufoni iyoyo. I don’t mean to disrespect nobody but that’s the truth.

  8. Big Dhara

    This is a great step. We really need to start from somewhere. How about visiting our new Zimbabwean social platform here:

  9. mellisa

    Danie hauna kana arguement, those phones last for more than you said sekuru, you only airing your subjective views, anyway you are entitled to them ndomafungiro ako

    1. Danie

      If only you could bring me a Huawei Y200/ 220 that’s been used for 6 months, yah ndinobvuma.
      Oh btw hanisati ndava nemuzukuru, so calling me “sekuru” is derogatory.

  10. Anonymous

    without contraries there is no progression.

  11. Big tee

    Can i use a telecel line while using a huawei y220 frm an econet shp?

  12. shaznet

    i am with yu mellisa pple buy fones for diff reasons, and for $55 i am willing to buy it, even if it last 6 months i don mind as this compute to abt 31c/day its nthing

  13. Anonymous

    China Tab ye $85 ikuwanikwa kupi in byo?

  14. NO NAME


  15. Anonymous

    Yea were e hell can I get one o thz chnes tabs

  16. tinashe

    these phones ariko to suit diff pple, i cant stand such a phone but i bought it for my wife and she is super happy, only apps she installed are whatsapp, opera mini & bible. So i think its a good phone depending on your usage and budget.

    As for me i cant handle it, screen too small, ram too small, camera worst ever.

    My only problem with econet is why sell the V795 in 2014 when the V795-2 was released in 2013.

  17. bothy

    China tab irikuwanikwa kupi

  18. Anonymous

    Econet please don’t steal my airtime . A concerned person

  19. andrew nkhoma

    this phone do not open videos help .cannot play video it says sorry,this vedio cannot be played

    1. mbv

      that is very true

  20. meme

    not a gud a phone..smtymz jus heats up.
    no no no

  21. Anonymous

    i need lcd of zte where can i get it

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  23. franceys moyo

    my ZTE was stolen yesterday…can you track it for me even though its off or without a line..pliz help…asap

  24. samson chibaya

    my ZTE V795 touch screen has just started not sensing

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  29. Anonymous

    My God zte is total garbage I tell u. Its for garden boys and house maids, please econet do us smthing we love u Breezy says

  30. tichmun

    zte v795 haisi phone yekutenga unopinda buys evrytym

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  32. Sydney

    i rooted my zte v795 and created an ext2 second sd partition. now i can install as much apps as i want using link2sd. its a simpolic link that makes apps run as if they are on internal memory.

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  34. Anonymous


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