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Dear Telecash… … How about this for improving the cash-ins?

telecel-agentWe have been following your recent entry into the local market and the waves that it has created. Not too sure if we got to tell you this, but well done!

Imagine our excitement when we found out earlier this week that you have zero-rated Telecash transfers to registered users, essentially encouraging the usage of mobile money. We’re sure you’ve done your maths, you know how profitable this will be for both your stakeholders (merchants and agents), as well as for yourself.

We’re no accountants (or economists) but we give it to you for pleasing your users.

Anyway, our reason for writing is to find out whether we can now directly ‘cash-in’ into other users accounts? Hear the argument: We perceive that the reason you would “force” users to ‘cash-in’ to their accounts and then transfer that money to another user was so you could benefit from the transaction fee levied on transfers. Now that you have removed those fees, wouldn’t it be great to allow us to ‘cash-in’ directly into another user’s account, saving us the hassle of transferring?

Yes, I know that you might say that there is a risk to it, that we might cash-in into the wrong account and that person could then withdraw the money and we go crying all the way from the bank… but, at the point of ‘cash-in’, the Agent representative is able to verify the name of the user, before pressing ‘Confirm’ and hence safeguard any “accidental” cash-ins.

When I go to the bank, I can easily fill in a deposit slip and make a deposit into another person’s account. I have been to other regional markets and have noticed that the mobile money providers have forms that we need to fill in when making a deposit/’cash-in’. I imagine the same could be done here?

So, Telecel, it would be great if you can remove the limitation of depositing only into my wallet, basically allowing any user (even someone using Ecocash) to come deposit into my Telecash account, and you make your money through ‘cash-out’ and other in-platform services (DStv payments, utilities and the like – Oh, while we’re at it, what’s the latest on ZESA prepaid electricity coupons through Telecash?)

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12 thoughts on “Dear Telecash… … How about this for improving the cash-ins?

  1. Excellent , excellent suggestion, there is definitely no reason why telecash agents should deny people the option of direct cash ins’ . If they take heed to this suggestion Econet will be left trailing in this paticular aspect. Direct cash in PLUS Zimswitch means a lot for the ordinary Zimbabwean. However I somehow feel that the “dangling ” signage depicted in the photo doesn’t quite line up with the contents of the article. When one sees such a photo one might expect to hear bad stuff about Telecash in the article.

    1. lol, is the dangling signage bad? Didn’t even think of it that way. I’m sure it works perfectly in letting people know there’s Telecash at that shop

      1. It’s not that bad though, I was just putting across the initial impression i had before i read the article, maybe its just me !

      2. Telecel is running away and selling out to XXXX so now creating mess in the market no strategy

  2. great move by telecel for their customers but does this mean Telecel will foot the the tax being charged per transaction by the goverment from their pockets. This has a negative effect on their profits, the more the transactions the greater the loss. Im not an economist so correct me if im wrong.

    1. Just wondering… does the government charge any tax when you make a direct deposit into someone else’s bank account?

  3. Very desperate measures to penetrate the market.I will never leave Ecocash.I know that my money is safe in Econet’s hands.Zvemahara ndakasiya kare ,ndavakuziva kuti hazvishande.

    1. I am with you there… Maybe because of my ridiculous trust in Econet… I just dont see my self using Telecash…not yet anyway.

    2. I guess you have lots of money for higher charges unlike the rest of us who struggle and will be grateful for these small savings we make from this!

  4. Telecel is running away and selling out to XXXX so now creating mess in the market no strategy

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