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Microsoft in deal with Zim government to “simplify & standardise systems”

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Microsoft LogoA report by Finx today says that Microsoft’s President for Microsoft Middle East & Africa (MEA), Ali Faramawy, is currently in Zimbabwe to forge a partnership with the government so they can “to simplify, standardise as well as integrate [Zimbabwean government ICT] systems.”

On what work the software giant will do, Zimbabwe’s top tax man, Geshem Pasi, is quoted in the report:

Microsoft will support us to improve efficiency and minimise ICT costs as well as implement centralised and standardise solutions across Government, contributing towards reducing software piracy and that also include security enhancement

This, the report say, includes assisting the government with its results based management system, development and maintenance of Ministries’ websites, building ICT knowledge and capacity as well as provision of ICT gadgets for top government officials.

Microsoft is also apparently now considering opening an office officially in the country. During Zimbabwe’s decade of hyperinflation between 2000 and 2010, Microsoft shut down their Zimbabwe official office and only operated in the country through accredited local partners.

Unfortunately, the report doesn’t say much in terms of the specifics of the new partnership on what the government will get in software and service and the size of the deal in cash for licenses Microsoft will get. Globally, Microsoft is facing increased pressure as mobile devices take over consumer computing and increasingly eat away their domination in their enterprise market as well. As the enterprise also increasingly starts experimenting with cloud based solutions for document processing and email, Microsoft is facing stiffer competition from companies like Google.

We will be reaching out to both government and Microsoft to get you the details. In the meantime, here’s the full Finx report.

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10 thoughts on “Microsoft in deal with Zim government to “simplify & standardise systems”

  1. “….the report say, includes assisting the government with its results based management system, development and maintenance of Ministries’ websites….”

    To me it reads like:

    Whilst our security security services are sleeping under the blanket of ignorance, NSA through Micro$oft backdoor infested software will build monitoring and relay websites so that Uncle Sam can have unlimited access to every ministry comms on land.

  2. Hahahaha!

    Government data should never be kept in the cloud. It will be a spy party.

    Do these guys not know of the damning Snowden revelations that Microsoft and many big global companies even admitted.

    Now they will be handing over their data to the NSA with a cherry on top!

    I wonder if these Pasi’s have children with even half a brain to warn their parents

  3. I wish someone will do some research to find out which is more cost effective for our cash strapped government – hiring professionals to implement open solutions or going Microsoft.

    1. You have a right mindset Kembo!!

      Bt do our gvt hav one? Do open source offer kickbacks?

      Going forward, does it offer chance to cook receipts?

  4. MICROSOFT KUDII KWACHO??? The country has us under sanctions and we want to give them money??? What the hell is wrong with these people???

  5. “ improve efficiency and minimise ICT costs..” Those words should never be used describing Microsoft and Zimbabwe, unless it’s a really funny joke, then

    hahahahahaha, good one!

  6. Are we so naive? These guys were listening to Angela Merkel’s phone for years and we willingly sit down and give them access and then pay for it? Has our ICT Ministry ever heard of open source. @macd chip – Well said!

  7. “Zimbabwe, we are officially offering you viruses and crushing server software for your websites”. No thanks!

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