Exclusive: Econet relaunches Ecolife (update)

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EcolifeWe have just been informed by sources close to Econet that the MNO is set to reactivate its insurance product Ecolife tomorrow.

This isn’t an official launch, it’s more like a silent rollout of the service which hadn’t been available since 2012. This time Econet will be riding solo with its own new life assurance company, Econet Life Assurance.

Although Econet has kept the Ecolife name there are a couple of adjustments that subscribers can expect with the relaunched version.

-The points system, which powered the loyalty based service has been scrapped. This time, just like Telecel’s Telecare there will be a monthly subscription over different priced packages.


-Once a subscriber registers through the USSD prompt(*900# is the code) and accepts the terms and conditions, the monthly premiums will be deducted from the user’s EcoCash account every month

The different monthly subscription packages will include

  • The 50c entry package, Ecolife Lite
  • The $1 Ecolife Basic Package
  • $2 Ecolife Standard
  • $5 Ecolife Premium

-Subscribers who were previously registered for Ecolife will receive three months of free service as soon as they activate the service.

-Every package comes with a $20 airtime bonus every month.

-The random SMS notifications  that spammed registered subscribers last time have been done away with.

-Ecolife will be working with some providers of funeral cover and Moonlight Funeral Insurance is rumored to be already signed up as a partner

All this comes as a strong push into the mobile based insurance space where Econet once stood as the only provider. This time the environment will be more competitive thanks to the presence of Telecel with its Telecare product.

We have received official communication from Moonlight Funeral Assurance informing us that they are not working with Econet Wireless on the Ecolife product.

Will you be rushing to sign up for the new Ecolife? Is life assurance that important to you? 


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  1. Buildit says:

    What happens to people who are still owed money/coverage from the “old” Ecolife?

    1. Insurer says:

      Did anyone submit a claim and got no cover/refund?

      1. Buildit says:

        A family friend in Harare was treated unprofessionally by Econet reps and management when she tried to make a claim on behalf of her deceased aunt who had coverage. Econet gave her the run around and then finally flatly rejected claiming the matter was before the courts etc. When She tried to ask about her coverage and/or compensation for withdrawing coverage without notice through no fault of her own she was never answered and given more run around before being finally given the “matter is before the courts” line as the final answer. To say that the Ecolife issue was mishandled by Econet is really putting it very mildly. I have heard worse from the streets when it comes to describing the Ecolife issue.

  2. ic0n1c says:

    Who really needs insurance? The number of people… Just curious..

  3. SoTypMe says:

    Actually, the $20 airtime isn’t monthly. It’s a one time allocation to the beneficiary upon the death of the insured.

  4. donky81 says:

    Econet have become greedy that in a few years you will see them facilitate marriages (vanyai/sadombo). A few years they had that same product and what happened to it. No one cares to know because that won’t compensate us. Hey guys don’t fall for this crap. We as consumers are tired of these guys experiment on us and stealing from us. Leave insurance to those able to do so. Econet Inspire to fool your World

  5. Moonlight would like to dispel those rumors and state that no agreement has been reached with the proponents of Ecolife. Should this situation change, our clients will be duly informed through official channels. Moonlight remains committed to lighting your way to final destiny through our diverse range of innovative products – See more at: http://moonlight.co.zw/2014/11/17/moonlight-not-under-ecolife/#sthash.w757iEtf.dpuf

  6. Identity Crisis! says:

    Don’t you think Econet have lost the plot and forgotten what they are – try and stick to what your core is, cos you don’t even do that properly. I am a firm believer that if there was another operator who had the same coverage, that econets subscriber base would do a mass migration. How many times do i need I come into your shops to prove my identity, when I register, 3 years afterwards, 6 months afterwards… Obviously Econet doesn’t believe Zimbabweans have anything better than to spend time in their various ‘offices’. I have to say each time I go in there there’s yet another set of un happy customers, yet nothing changes. So Ecolife…… here we go. Econet wish you could live up to your Principles – Where’s Strive’s characteristics in your operations, seems there’s a gulf between the head and the body seems to be dancing a silly jig! Greed is a serious thing, note the population sees you for what you are.

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