How to get rid of WhatsApp’s blue ticks

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WhatsApp Blue TicksWhatsApp, the famous messaging app released an update a little while ago to its app that received some pretty heated feedback.

It enabled the sender to not only know that their message has been delivered but also that it has been read.

Obviously, the feature itself sparked huge debates over privacy that it eventually coined the term #BlueTick, people even going as far as taking to other social platforms to reveal their rants.

If you were among those people, maybe it’s time to put your insecurities to rest because an update to your WhatsApp is a now all you need.

The update (version 2.11.44), available on WhatsApp’s website, will allow you to opt-in on the feature if you choose to and as shown in the screenshot, will disable the read receipt from showing to others and to you as well.


wpid-nexus2cee_whatsapp-read-receipts-351x625.pngThe update also includes a few tricks up its sleeve for those who have their devices running Android 5.0 Lollipop, which is a new heads-up notification for incoming messages and rounded avatars that contrast the squared icons we’re used to.

The blue ticks didn’t require that you update to get the function but unlike how the feature was implemented before, this time you will have to upgrade to get this added functionality i.e. the added choice to opt-in.

So once again, WhatsApp doesn’t want you to get at each other’s throats. This feature, something I’d like to call “damage-control” wants to make that point clear, but then again the damage has already been done. Why? Because whichever way it is it was there before and now your other half will have to force you to have it turned on because you have nothing to hide, right?


Is this an ingenious move by WhatsApp or should they have considered doing this right from the start? Leave it in the comments below.

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  1. Beatnyama

    What better way to introduce a feature than what they did? Controversy sells. Everybody went to rant and rave on other social networks, but ultimately talking about WhatApp. Some defended the decision others hated it.
    Keep in mind that WhatsApp does not advertise and yet their numbers of users keeps growing. I believe this was a little bit of brilliance on their side. Of course it might have been a mistake, but i’ll give them benefit of doubt.

  2. Anonymous

    The update (version 12.44)??? On which platform coz on my windows phone current version is 2.11.596.0…

    1. Zack Chapepa

      thanks for noticing the typo, we have corrected that accordingly

  3. fourwallsinaroom

    I am running 2.11.432 with android 4.2.2 and it seems I am not eligible for the update as yet. can anyone shed any light on if they have managed to get the latest apk running on 4.2.2

  4. raspe

    so is there anything wrong about getting blue ticks?

    1. jt

      @raspe:- not much, for some but for others. The issue is about choice…! Update your user Agreement and customers choose to use:
      1. The application with its pros and cons (Green ticks…warts and all); or
      2. They opt out… not just be surprised by an update.
      Honesty and transparency is not everyone’s bread and butter.

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