Podcast: POTRAZ tariff reduction, Buddie Bundles of Joy and startup business ethics

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We are glad to have made it into the new year and just two days into 2015 a lot has already started happening on the tech scene.

Here’s the first weekly podcast for 2015 and in this episode we talk about the recent MNO tariff reductions effected by POTRAZ, the Buddie Bundles of Joy that were recently phased out and what this points to from other MNOs as well as the OTT Services landscape that is set to change this year. We also discuss ethical business conduct from tech startups.

We would love to get your perspective on any of these topics. How do you think the tech landscape will be shaped by these adjustments to tariffs? What sort of service bundles do you think the MNOs will roll out? With promos like Buddie Bundles Of Joy being phased out what sort of promotions are you keen on from Econet or the other MNOs?



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  1. Thank you for the feedback. We have heard and we will act on it.

  2. Faira says:

    MNO, OTT???
    Pls define terms on first use in a document. I have always read these terms in your writings but you never mention what they represent

    Thank you

    1. fatherplease says:

      Mobile Network Operator

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