Is the DSTV annual price increase about to be announced in Zimbabwe?

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DStv DecoderLast year, DSTV South Africa announced it’s annual increase in prices to be effected on 1 April, we confirmed that Zimbabwe would follow suit.

And they did. South Africa has once again announced an increase. So it goes without saying that chances are high we’ll likely have an increase too north of the Limpopo. By how much ofcourse is what will determine if this is a big deal or not. We’ll be confirming that later this morning.

Exchange Rate

It’ll be interesting to see if Multichoice and their distributor in Zimbabwe, will factor in the exchange rate in the increase. On 1 April last year, USD $1 was equivalent to about R10.9, today that rate has changed to a dollar for R11.6 with the continued poor performance of the Rand against other currencies.

Effectively, if Multichoice was getting R839 for the premium bouquet ($77) in April 2014, they now get about R893 because of the current value of the dollar against the Rand. There’s been an increase already of 6.44% in the price, which a high percentage change than what Multichoice South Africa is increasing the DStv Premium bouquet by – 5.1% (see below).

Multichoice is one of the few companies that have the luxury to increase prices when everyone else – ISPs, mobile teleohone companies – is forced by a highly competitive market to reduce. They have something no one else has – great content! Lots of annoying repeats yes, but what’s the alternative to those repeats. Surely not Netflix – It’s not here and it’s got no football. Not ZBC – not any time soon at least.

Here are the South African price increases for each bouquet:



  1. Khal Drogo

    Using the DStv Mobile do you also pay the Internet Service Provider or your smartphone app connect to the DStv satellite directly?

  2. tinm@n

    The Rand is dropping AGAINST THE USD.

    Absolutely NO NEED to increase in Rands.

    If anything, there should be a price drop.

    They cant just increase because its fashionable.

    We will lobby against it and make noise about it, if they do

  3. Jack

    I dropped paying for DSTV some time back. It is a hard move to make but I will not support highwaymen at work…

    The advernt of streaming TV service is at an advanced stage and I am sure that the first internet content provider to come along will go a long way toward more competitive service.

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