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Econet ends Free Twitter promo, bundles it instead with Opera Mini Bundles

We were all expecting some change to the free Twitter from Econet this month, so an announcement regarding the service isn’t surprising.

A short while ago, Econet announced (via Twitter, of course) that the Free Twitter promo has come to an end. The freebie has now been incorporated into the Opera Mini Bundles.

In as much I have a love/hate relationship with all bundled services (Net Neutrality versus the Zimbabwean broadband economics argument ) have steered away from the Opera Mini bundles (which I think are overpriced).  Econet, however, seems keen on getting all of us to part with 95 cents every three days for the service.

First it was the Opera Mini and WhatsApp combination, now free Twitter is the carrot. Even though Facebook hasn’t been considered (It has its own bundle which must be raking in “bundles” for Econet in that state), it’s very clear that a lot of expectations for revenue growth are being pinned on this Opera Mini bundle.

First, WhatsApp and Opera Mini, now WhatsaApp, Twitter and Opera Mini? This has all the makings of an amalgamated social media bundle. It’s the WTF combination that we have been expecting and it looks like it’s starting to take shape.

This just means that I have to pay for Twitter again. Not that it’s a train smash really. The Twitter application has a very very low demand for data, but then again, paying for something that has been free for seven months is something you can’t ignore.

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4 thoughts on “Econet ends Free Twitter promo, bundles it instead with Opera Mini Bundles

  1. THE TWITTER APP DOES NOT WORK ON THE OPERA BUNDLE – to me what Econet is basically saying is to access twitter, just incorporate it into your regular OPERA browsing now. Meaning basically that the free twitter experiment proved that there isn’t enough demand for a specific twitter bundle – so this spin is just them putting a brave face on it.

  2. Quick question, does this mean for me to have unlimited access to Twitter i pay the Opera bundle and access Twitter thru opening a tab in the browser, or, if i pay the opera-mini bundle i can have unlimited use of the Twitter app??

  3. they mean you can now use twitter through opera mini. opera mini bundles not that expensive anymore since u can now download with no limit

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