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Podcast: Facts from POTRAZ, the rise of Android, Hypercube’s model & Wangu

In this episode of the Techzim Podcast, we discussed the latest figures on mobile OS share, POTRAZ facts on local telecoms, the rise of Android, the new membership model for Hypercube Hub and the local social network called Wangu.

What are your thoughts on these topics? Have you used Wangu? What are your thoughts on it? What do you think about the rise of Android in Zimbabwe? What about the discussion on 2G and 3G base stations?

As always we look forward to your comments. There is a giveaway so please do take time to answer the question asked in the podcast!

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2 thoughts on “Podcast: Facts from POTRAZ, the rise of Android, Hypercube’s model & Wangu

  1. I tried out Wangu for one day, and it ain’t my pot of tea. Even facebook or google+. I guess I am an exception because i think Twitter is the go to social media site. However, what I seem to gather from the local social media start ups is that they are all trying (too hard I might add) to be the facebook of Zimbabwe. Its not gonna happen… Not yet anyway. As you said in the podcast, what need are they fulfilling that is not fulfilled by Facebook? Non really. I don’t think we need more social networks locally, however, we do need to develop and foster growth in local (competitive) content. Guys like Munya Bloggo have a good thing going on, same with Nqo at Nafuna. Those guys are the future. They need to monetise on a larger scale. Imagine a TV Yangu mobile app, giving you in app purchases to the content… then again the cost of streaming data is a problem. SMART partnerships with MNOs and other telcos??? Maybe…

    For now, local developers; enough with the social media apps already.

  2. The other reason you have been reporting on items that donet exists and that you have NOT checked and tested.And i am suprized that you are suprized that there is no 3G at NUST.

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