NetOne and its imaginary Instagram Bundles

It’s been a little over a week since NetOne introduced its own WhatsApp and Facebook Bundles. something that everyone expected would happen eventually anyway.

Now the pressure to make an impressive late entrance has seen the mobile network adopt strategies to make its own services stand out from the competition.

This is what explains the lower prices for these OTT services plus the smart bundles combo for Facebook and WhatsApp. What I don’t get though is why the promotion around these Easy Bundles has to inaccurately sell LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram bundles which the network isn’t offering.


I only got excited about the Instagram Bundles after I recently signed up to use the social network for the first time. After spending the whole weekend discovering that Instagram makes sense after all (and that the services can use up your data), I was a bit disappointed to find out that this Instagram bundles story isn’t the case after all. You can only access Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter on the usual data bundles. There are no discounted bundles for these 3 platforms.

So is this an example of “smart marketing” or just some plain old misleading advertising? 

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6 thoughts on “NetOne and its imaginary Instagram Bundles

  1. I would be more interested in Gmail bundles, Yahoomail bundles, and my recently keen passion in Pinterest( I cant stop pinning, its so addictive, trust me). as to the advert beign misleading, im not sure since i dont have Netone “line”. i would jump ship if Netone introduce Gmail bundles, Pinterest, Firefox Bundles, Google Hangouts bundles and zero rate access to 🙂 ..because i read almost every article and comments…… seriously 🙂

  2. Uhmm Netone one is like an old dog, they are just in their own little world they are worse in innovation than most IAPs like Powertel, Africom or even Telone, they are just lucky to be an mobile network operator otherwise they are an old dinosaur lacking in relevance

  3. actually net1 has the cheapest and fastest internet comparing with the other two . I resorted to it last year due to econet’s unconvince. there is nothing I want more than cheap internet bundles which give u true value

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