Zimbabwe’s ICT Policy under final review as eTech Africa enters day 2

Nigel Gambanga Avatar

Today is the second and final day of eTech Africa, the conference and expo organised by Zimbabwe’s Ministry of ICT. Yesterday there were different presentations¬†made by different stakeholders with an interest in the state of ICT in Zimbabwe.

The proceedings for today will be centred on the final review and recommendations for the new National ICT Policy. A lot of public and private sector players are present here and they will make their final contributions to the Policy.

According to Supa Mandiwanzira, the Minister of ICT, the draft that will be finalised today is set to be presented to cabinet before the final tabling in Parliament.

We will be following the day’s proceedings and sharing any key points from the proposed ICT Policy.

With all the countless changes happening in technology every year, what would you ant the National ICT Policy to take into consideration?


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