Here’s an opportunity to learn the Arduino at workshops to be held in Harare

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If, like me, you’re curious to play with devices like Ardiuno and Raspberry Pi so you can do some DIY robotic stuff during your free – or even make it career – you will love to know that there’s someone offering Arduino workshops right here in Harare.

The workshops are provided by Maspaka, an electronics company in Harare that also does those robotics competitions for schools.

And if you don’t know what the Arduino is, here’s a TED talk that will show you how it (and others like it) are turning ordinary people into makers of amazing things.

[ted id=1491]


  1. IoT Freak

    This whole “digitilize ” campaign, i wasn’t satisfied with the approach, because the aspect of linking the physical space and digital space (i.e. IoT hardware devices ) was being overlooked. I’m glad that this workshop is happening, and hopefully its going to fast track the digitization process.

  2. Kay

    Where and when is this gonna happen. For how much if not free, please provide more details.

  3. shelton tembo

    hie i wanted to know that how do i get my hands on arduino. Any help please

  4. Esau Yona

    Where can can I get an Arduino board locally?

  5. Esau Yona

    Where can I get an Arduino board locally?

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