How much to go online? – here are the prices for Zimbabwean internet services

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Take a look at the calendar, the month of April is as good as over. This means that we have breezed through the first one-third of the year. In local tech and broadband, a lot has come with that passage of time, including a review of voice tariffs.

We all hoped the Government and POTRAZ, the regulator, would jump in and prompt all Internet service providers and broadband merchants to also lower prices. This wasn’t the case. Luckily, the invisible hand of Economics appears to be working in our favour as consumers and since we last took a look at internet packages and prices, some adjustments have been made.

There have been product and price reviews from Powertel and Africom as well as new internet services now available from TelOne in the form of WiFi and Fibre. Nothing has changed from the mobile telecoms operators in terms of price, but the proliferation of very cheap WiFi might just cause a product/price rethink.

So how cheap, or expensive, is to go online in Zimbabwe right now? If you are in Harare (and Victoria Falls) it can be free from a ZOL spot or $1 for 100MB of WiFi from TelOne. These seem to be the best options available for quick access. For home internet, it still looks like its economical to get TelOne ADSL at $25 for 10GB.

Here are most of the internet packages available right now and their prices.


Super Data Promotion Packages

0.5020 MB24
180 MB24
2200 MB24
6500 MB24
101 GB48

MiChoice and Flexi-Bundles Packages

Package/ BundlePriceValidity (Days)
MiChoice – (Offers Unlimited Social Media Access, Browsing)
MiChoice Bronze$5 7
MiChoice Silver$1014
MiChoice Gold$2530
Flexi – Bundles (Pay As You Go Data Package)



Weekly Fiesta Unlimited Package

100 MB 2.501 day
500 MB 12.503 days
1 GB23.007 days
2 GB39.0014 days

Regular Package

Data BundleCost ($US)
1 GB23




Package Price($US)Download Cap

TelOne Fibre to the Home

Package Price ($USD)Download Speed
Starter365Mbps (usage capped at 20GB)
Boost7010Mbps (usage capped at 50GB)
Intense11820Mbps (unlimited)



PackagePrice($USD)Download Speed
Plus49up to 1 Mbps
Enhanced99up to 2 Mbps
Ultra129up to 3 Mbps
ZOL Fibroniks
Basic Essentials39up to 5Mbps (capped at 15GB per month)
Family Essentials89up to 10Mbps (capped at 30GB)
Entertainment Pack149up to 20Mbps
Modern Family Pack199up to 30Mbps
Power Pack 259up to 50Mbps
Turbo Pack339up to 100Mbps



Package(all packages are unlimited)Cost($US)Speed
Aptics Bargain50256Kbps
Aptics Basic75512Kbps
Aptics Standard1201Mbps
Aptics Deluxe1802Mbps

iWay Africa 

PackageCost ($US)SpeedData Allowance
Mobile Internet423.1Mbps download speedunlimited
WiMaxfrom 99from 1Mbpsfrom 40GB p/m
Fibrefrom 99from 1Mbpsfrom 40GB p/m


uMax Internet Packages

$45/ month$75/month$150/month
15GB allowance40 GB allowance150 GB allowance
2 Mbps download speed3 Mbps speedup to 5 Mbps
15GB access off-peak (12am -6am)40 GB accessible off-peak (between 10pm and 6am)Unlimited access off peak (between 10pm and 6am)


Yo Africa WiMax Packages

Medium110up to 1Mbps
Hot160up to 1.5Mbps


Mobile Network Operators Broadband Prices

Data Price (US$)
*All prices are for bundle rates
Econet Wireless BroadbandNetOne BroadbandTelecel Broadband


  1. Brian

    Thanks Nigel, been looking for a comparison like this for a while.
    Is there a heading missing (for Telco I assume) after NetOne?

    1. Nigel Gambanga

      There are two different variants for TelOne, there’s the ADSL and there’s the Fibre to the Home. I just made the adjustment to make it clearer.

  2. Anonymous

    Arnt telone packages 30 days?

    1. Anonymous


  3. Anonymous
  4. Anonymous

    your telone packages are out of date!!

    1. Nigel Gambanga

      Thanks for bringing that to everyone’s attention. We used the figures that were available from official TelOne platforms. If there have been any adjustments to these prices I’d really appreciate it if you shared them with everyone here.

  5. Rody

    where is telco ?

  6. Steve

    Telone not complaining at all!

  7. Anonymous 2

    I mistakenly bought a dual sim model of the phone I wanted but it seems the real mistake was not putting a Telecel line in the second slot for data! #RIPtelecel

  8. lewis

    Telone no complaints

  9. Evans

    Thanks for a very detailed analysis but Telecel broad is old and should be adjusted to 4.5MB, 9.5MB, 76MB, 142MB etc respectively.

  10. Fairgame

    Thanks for this, but I need to make one correction about ZOL WiMax packages. Starting in May, the $99 which I had been using is being increased to $115.50, so can you find out about other levels. The chart in your article has made me to now apply for a DSL Telone line. Goodbye ZOL and your eratic internet.

    1. Gucci

      Hahaha Fairgame apa wajuta… ZOL inofaya but Just spoke to someone from there and there is nothing on zvauri kutaura… I am on WiMAX for business.

  11. nkhono C

    Econet advertises opera bundles. I bought the 3 day one and never got to use it. There was hardly any connection and felt cheated. In my part of town the data link is pathetic.

  12. SoTypMe

    How do I win a TechZim coffee mug?

  13. Anonymous

    TelOne Fibre to the Home is capped at 50MB for a 10Mbps connection? I am going to assume you meant 50GB?

  14. Telone yauya heavy

    Telone the only option, Zol is drunk especially WiMax, rushusho, chironda chemumhuno

  15. Napata

    I have been on Telone Adsl since 2011 and the only time I ahve felt I needed to change up was when Telone introduced fibre to the home….what! $118 for 20mb/s Unlimited? I am sooooo getting off my ADSL and going fibre and to top if off the fibre cable runs 7 meters from my house. Don’t worry guys I will let you know just how good it is and if it is better than ADSL. Telone just keeps on getting better and Yes I am a fan boy 😉

  16. Richard Mberi

    Telco are introducing their own FTTH product branded Velocity ( compared to ZOL their packages seem a little anaemic though

  17. Tinashe D

    Africom is now useless busy throttling speeds and you cant even youtube anymor. They have blocked a lot of sites. It seems as if they don’t want us customers anymore and forget the reason we left powertel for them is what they are now doing to customers!!

  18. Nyasha

    @ Tinashe, I think the problem with Africom packages is people fo not understand them their MiChoice package is meant for browsing ONLY not youtube. You can purchase regular bundle for that and you will be able to youtube all you want. As a student I enjoy the unlimited browsing and I find it very convenient. if they offered unlimted downloads everyone’s speed would be affected by a few bandwidth hogs who stream and download all day with no regard to fair usage which is what happened to powertel and caused them to discontinue their product. Think about it!

  19. ester

    Thank you very much for this info, regards

  20. Mike Mowsby

    can this list be updated and separate for home and corporate

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