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WhatsApp Calling now available on Windows devices


It’s been reported that WhatsApp calling is now available on phones running on the Windows Platform. The new WhatsApp update (version will allow Windows phone users to make voice calls using mobile data or WiFi. Only users with Windows 8 phone and above will able to use the feature.  WhatsApp calling was first available on Android, iOS and Blackberry 10 platforms. The WhatsApp update will also enable users to send audio files, which was only enabled for Windows 8.1

It’s not just WhatsApp calling that’s late to the party. Various mainstream apps have been unavailable or late on the Windows platform because developers have been shunning the Windows platform.

Windows phone users can download apps on the PlayStore but they are usually not as good as the apps on iOS, Android and other platforms. Microsoft tried to encourage top apps in PlayStore through in-house app development but the resulting apps do not have the full functionality they have on other platforms. 

Popular Apps like SnapChat, Tinder and Pinterest are still not available for the windows phone. Google Maps, Instagram and Yahoo Mail don’t have official apps. LinkedIn and YouTube apps were last updated in 2013. That’s a lot of frustration, especially with way mobile phone experiences are tied to the apps you can get.

With all these challenges, maybe it’s time the Windows lovers move over to the Android and iOS platforms?

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    1. Haikona Simon. Why single out my beloved Econet? Try Whatsapp calling using Telecel, … or worse still Netone

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