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TelOne introduces $1-for-350 MB WiFi promo


There’s a lot more to competition than just price, but for now, local telecoms operators are slugging it out on the dollars and cents front.

TelOne, one of the more disruptive players this year, recently started a promotion for its WiFi service. The $1-for-100 MB service has been had one major change with an additional 250 MB thrown in for the $1 voucher.

This $1 for 350 MB offer becomes the most generous on the market for the $1 entry price segment, a spot that Econet had staked a claim to last month with its 300 MB dream bundles and 250 MB day bundles.  It also clearly differentiates TelOne from the other WiFi providers like Telco that had a $1-for-110 MB.


Without flooring mega offers like Africom’s $6 for  6GB, or offering free WhatsApp, TelOne is competing on the one metric that most people will relate with instantly, low prices.

350 MB for $1 is a generous offer on data, no doubt, and it’s hardly the sort of offer we thought we’d be getting from telecoms operators. One remarkable aspect here is that these price adjustments weren’t influenced by POTRAZ regulation but just plain old competition.

Kudos to TelOne for starting a run on prices that got mobile operators to rethink their broadband offers. As internet consumers we are just hoping that this causes further adjustments in the market. It would be good though if TelOne follows this up with a wider network of hotsposts.

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