ZB Bank already retailing ZESA using mobile app (update)

Earlier, we reported how the Nettcash mobile app was the one solution that agents could use to buy ZESA tokens. As it turns out, ZB Bank has been offering this platform for their agents countrywide for over 2 months now.

This only confirms something that I have always said about banks. They don’t make the necessary noise or at the right platform.

Rather than sell the application in itself as a convenient tool, ZB Bank, or any bank would rather talk about mainstream banking at its agencies. Instead of using the ZESA distribution to cross-sell their banking products, they instead use their banking products and users then stumble upon it. The EcoCash model would surely work.


The EcoCash model would surely work as an example of how to cross-sell. EcoCash, as part of Econet Services, works closely with Steward Bank (another Econet subsidiary) and this has seen a crossover with the bank’s product range.

But enough of other products, looking at the ZB Bank app, as convenient as it is, has one major flaw. Unlike the Nettcash App, it is available only for ZB customers as an extension of the ZB eWallet mobile banking product. So an agent, or an individual needs to open an account with them to sell electricity, nevermind the fact that you can sell to anyone afterwards.

Moreover, the ZB app is overshadowed by the availability of the POS terminals at the agents. This is somewhat of a duplication and probably more expensive. It makes more sense to either deploy the mobile app (with the smartphone) and carry the data costs, or the POS terminal with the same costs, not both.

The Android version of ZB Mobile banking app can be downloaded on the Play Store here.

Update: In the earlier version of this article we had mistakenly referred to EcoCash as a Steward Bank service. An adjustment has since been made.

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29 thoughts on “ZB Bank already retailing ZESA using mobile app (update)

  1. Can you provide evidence of the notion you brought up “…EcoCash as actually a Steward Bank banking product.”

    1. that is general knowledge that econet owns both steward bank and the ecocash product. visit the econet website for evidence.

      1. we are not even happy about your service may you pliz upgrade your systems we are struggling to make payments

  2. I think for a journo your information is thoroughly unresearched and full of ambiguous statements.I think NeTtcash is paying you to advertise 4 them because of late this paper has become a bootlicker of Netcash.Let me enlighten you.Just like ecocash or telecash you need 2 register to use the app.You dont need 2 even have a zb bank account.Anyone can just download e app n simple use their mobilenumber.Its much more convenient as you can register on e app and instantly become an ewallet holder.As a tech person you need 2 research why they want their customers 2 register first.Can you give us real techzim news that is researched and not this mickey mouse information

    1. If this is the case then the “reporter” should have installed the app and actually registered on it. The screenshots seem to be copied from the google play store. This article reminds me of the “miracle” fuel article by the same “author”

      1. I am a zb bank zesa agent. I am trying to sell zesa and my phone is giving a message connection problem or mmi code.

    2. Thanks raz for your contribution. I can confirm that you cannot download a financial services app and simply start using it without some form of KYC (Lite or other). The first thing we try and do is experience a product for ourselves.

      However at trying to register for the eWallet service, that’s when they try to rope you into the conventional banking products. It would be interesting if you can share your comments on how you were able to register and use the app.

      It’s unfortunate the comment about Nettcash but I still think its a better product than ZB wallet. You might also want to check the list of services and number of downloads here just as an indicator of how they are doing.

        1. From your statement of ethics:
          “We believe that good communication is the basis for a progressive tech community in Zimbabwe. This means that we will always communicate facts and report without fear or favour. This means that we will not report or feature something/someone because we are dying for content. We report because we are passionate about Zimbabwe and the benefits Technology can impart. If we deem certain issues to be of importance we will report them for the community to judge.”

          Note that you report facts and leave the community to judge

        2. Who is this Mukandatsama, why is he trying to imply that if you are a blogger its okay to take cash from netcash and lie to us, how can you review a product that you have never used, are you now also doing miracle comments. This Mukandatsama is full of hot air.

  3. I agree with people saying this paper has become an advertising platform.i used to enjoy techzim news but offlate it has become useless.I think its only fair to compare a bank with other banks.Your article was meant to appreciate the app and highlight users on how to use it just like you have advertised Netcash and Ecocash in your former papers.lets not write news for the sake of news

  4. I once said this a few weeks back, this site has been compromised. They are now more of a Pay Me And We Will Write Good Reviews about your product.

    I now surely think TECHZIM is owned by Nettcash…its clear for all to see…

  5. I am really worried by negativity of people commending here? A journalist’s role is to critic not just state the news as it is. I really like what you are doing guys, keep it up. However there is no smoke without fire…. the noises of pay me 1st are increasing and the powers that be at Techzim should investigate. Having attended their Broadband Forums…they look very professional!

    1. A critique of the App in the article would have clearly listed its pro’s and con’s and how it fits in the ecosystem. This was clearly not done. The article just bashes the item under review and continues to “bootlick” netcash/ecocash

  6. Pamusoroi vaMukandatsama.
    Ndinoona sokuti kutepenyura kwamurikuita nhau kwava kwekuti mupundutse homwe yenyu. Ndinongoshuwira kuti dai madzokera pakutepenyura nhau dzinobatsi ruzhinji rweZimbabwe kuti tisawanikwe tichisarira shure munezve michina yema computer.

  7. Victor, kindly note that Ecocash is not a Steward Bank product. Its a platform run by Econet Services, a company owned by Econet Wireless. Since the bank is also 100% owned, the two work hand in hand as both draw synergies from working together.

    1. If he wants to be left alone he should leave Techzim alone and take his miracle thinking somewhere else.

  8. I actually didn’t know ZB had banking and @tg I also did not know CBZ has one. I am in agreement with @Watchman on what the app is capable off. And at this juncture i think what is required next is a complete review of all the financial apps in zim banks or otherwise on an individual basis and then a final article summarising a comparison of them all.

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