iPhone 6S, Adele, Lamar Odom & all the other top Google searches for 2015

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If anybody with the faintest idea of how the internet works needs any sort of information, they Google it. That’s how huge an impression Google, the company and brand, has made.

The information giant/internet search engine/ amateur researcher’s best friend released its annual list of the top trending searches for 2015. 

The lists, which span across different categories also have classifications for a lot of countries (Zimbabwean searches weren’t listed there, unfortunately) give an interesting picture of the things that piqued people’s attention throughout the year.

Under global searches, the most trending search was for Lamar Odom; the most trending search under global news was Charlie Hebdo, Copa America drew the most attention under sporting events and the iPhone 6S was the most trending search under consumer tech. If any of this seems foreign you can google it.


While the microsite from Google that carries all these trends for the past 15 years doesn’t have our country listed there, the different searches from other countries give an interesting perspective on what riles an entire country up. For example, Lamar Odom was the single most trending search in the USA, while for South Africa, the term “load shedding” has more Google attention.

It’s anyone’s guess what Zimbabweans have been Googling the most this year.

You can check out Google’s list of top searches by following this link to the Google Trends page.


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  1. tinm@n says:

    “…amateur researcher’s best friend…”

    Are you sure you know what you’re talking about?

    You don’t

    1. Xibo says:

      Yes he does. pro researchers have a multitude of other sources and even create their own data via surveys experiments etc. amateur researchers on the other hand just google it and do nothing else.

  2. Kwana says:

    nothing amateur about using google tibvire apa who doesnt want a nicely designed search engine which is faster and more accurate nxaa

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