Telecel introduces Night Shift bundles, offers 1 GB data for $3

Telecel Zimbabwe

Local mobile network operator Telecel has added to the festive season cheer with a new set of mobile broadband bundles.

Dubbed the Telecel Night Shift Bundles, these off-peak data bundles (they are accessible between 10 pm and 6 am only) are priced at $1, $2 and $3 with data allowances of between 350 MB and 1 GB.

Bundle Price ($US)Data AllowanceValidity
1350 MB2 days
2800 MB 5 days
31 GB7 days

Telecel’s Night Shift bundles are similar to the off-peak broadband packages that are commonplace in other markets and they also carry a value proposition that resembles the offer Econet Wireless made with its Dream Bundles between June and September this year.


As such, the dynamics surrounding Econet’s Dream Bundles and any other operator’s off-peak data feast offer also apply to Telecel’s Night Bundles. The market reception will likely be the same and the operator also gets to enhance broadband revenue by tapping into underutilised broadband capacity.

Subscribers that usually have to contend with a $1 for 9.5 MB offer are bound to appreciate an offer for 35 times as much data for the same $1 price tag, even though there’s a graveyard shift caveat that comes with the offer.

The hope is that these off-peak bundles not only become a lasting feature, but are also accompanied by a day bundle option that extends value for money beyond the $1 for 9.5 MB band. In a market where the internet is still an expensive utility, subscribers can use all the promos and offers they can get, not only during off-peak but at any given time of the day.

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11 thoughts on “Telecel introduces Night Shift bundles, offers 1 GB data for $3

  1. There is really no value here. Expected better from Telecel. Compare:

    Africom $4 for 7 GB VS Telecel $3 for 1 GB (yes 1GB)
    even the stingy network managed to do better
    Econet Dream Bundle $2 for 3 GB VS $3 for 1 GB

    sorry, to me its just not worth it, and before you start trolling I am a faithful Telecel subscriber!

  2. but then again there is saying about gift horses, but I still maintain this is like getting a n aged gift donkey that someone wants to get rid off

  3. Rubbish, who is going to wait that time to use those bundle and wake up early for that.

    Average Zimbo goes to bed around 9pm and wake up at 6am for those who go to work. They should hav just shut up if they didnt have anything to offer.

  4. Africom with speed of 0.01kbs never.
    I going with Telecel.
    Merry Christmas Techzim & to everyone who believes in Christ!

  5. do you guys actually use Africom? because I do and I don’t understand what you are saying. the speeds are not fast but they are not super slow either!

    1. what value black hat? are you in Zimbabwe? because there is no real value here? its still too expensive?

      and please do no generalize. if you are lazy not everyone is!

  6. Grest peiple forget africom is not present in all areas so those out of towns this is a boon for affordable ineternet.

  7. Android ,ios and windows fans this is your chance to download a bunchful of apps . Good for telecel for joining the race ,but there is no 4g network in my area

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