Econet responds to market forces, reduces price on its Home Power Station, again

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Remember the Econet Home Power Station (HPS) – that solar powered energy backup solution that provides lighting and an option for device charging? The last time we talked about it was when Econet had slashed its price from $163 to $99.

Earlier today the operator announced, on social media, a clearance sale for the HPS which will see the price being reduced by $50 to $49. The offer is valid while stocks last and it becomes the third price reduction for the Power Station since it was first introduced by Econet in 2012.

For $49 you get the same unit that comes with a socket for charging your mobile phone or tablet, a 12-volt battery capacity, a 6 light system with switches for each light, as well as a solar panel for generating power for the batteries which will last for up to 7 hours on a full charge.

The same questions that we asked when the price of the HPS was reduced in August last year are just as relevant now. Is this really just another routine clearance of inventory or it’s an expression of an investment in energy and power alternatives that’s gone wrong? Is Econet now facing the reality of how price sensitive the Zimbabwean market is?

All eyes will be on the operator’s annual financial results to find out how well divisions like Econet Solar have been performing. However, with the prices of products being slashed from $163 to $49 in 7 months, the outlook doesn’t seem appealing.


  1. kuzai

    Another failed econet business. Reducing your price by 70% can only indicate that all’s not well. Must have a lot of unsold stock to shift.

    1. Rachael

      About time. The same unit costs around R200 in Musina.

  2. Eliphas

    Econet Solar and its energy projects have failed dismally. Its been running losses for years. This is just as much a failure as those solar lanterns then ran around touting last time. They made huge losses

    1. Macd Chip

      There is no loss, it was way overpriced and still a bit expensive.

      I bought a 100W german made solar panel for $50, inveter for 30bucks in Zambia, a dead battery from my car and l now my granma have a home unit which does more than econet

      1. taraz

        Cost wise, which is higher than what Econet is now offering

        1. macd chip

          A 100W Germany made s and a Chinese made zhing zhong solar, is that hard to calculate which one is expensive in the long!!

  3. Stan

    They may be selling the product at break even point .. the challenge is zimbabwean product pricing was messed up by inflation when people could make a 10000% profit or markup and the product would still sell , but now things have gone back to normal and the mentality of excess pricing is still rife the good thing is the market will judge you harshly they wont simply buy your product without doing diligence check for better priced products elsewhere or find a near alternative. In simple terms the product was overpriced .. check on the net for products from china you will be shocked that the kit doesnt even cost more than 10 USD

  4. Baba Tencen: Kuripwa Kugara

    Soon… it will be $1 for two 🙂

  5. Hakimula

    Magetsi haachaendi. Hachisisina dhiri

  6. blaz

    It was overpriced and is still overpriced.

  7. Itai SolarSky

    All solar products of this type have a limited battery shelf life (less than 12 months). This includes 3 months of shipping thus it has to sell in less than a year to avoid a massive loss.

    The price reduction is reaction to sell-by-date issues instead. It can even drop further than that.

  8. SunKing

    Buy SunKing Solar, now available at Pick n Pay, Transerv, Electroslaes etc 2 year warranty, 5 year battery life. a real product which has won all sorts of awards and affordable, I have 3 at home the best buy I have made when it comes to solar.

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