Zimbabwe and regional technology news and updates


Econet subsidiary DPA cancels 10 MW solar deal in SA

A setback for solar in Africa

Another dark winter ahead for Zimbabwe

Hello darkness my old friend…

Zim’s Nhimbe Fresh completes US$1.4 mil solar crowd sale

Biggest solar crowd sale on the continent

Renewable energy startups, check out this US$1.2 mil fund

looks like a fantastic opportunity.

Govt to give solar investors 5-year tax break

Alright, alright, alright…

You can now report ZESA faults on WhatsApp in Harare

It won’t do much for response times but atleast it’s now there…

Will Zimbabwe be part of the 1 Gigawatt Solar Club by 2030?

AFSIA put out a report on the state of solar in Africa and it brought about the plausibility of Zimbabwe being a 1 gigawatt solar power producer by 2030.

SA is ready to manufacture & sell hydrogen fuel technology

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa has said that the country is ready to Manufacture and sell Hydrogen Fuel Technology.

Technikari with Simbarashe Mangena, from the Radiation Protection Authority of Zimbabwe (RPAZ)

On this episode of Technikari, we are joined by Simabarashe Mangena a Nuclear Engineer from the Radiation Protection Authority of Zimbabwe.

ZESA beware, solar is now cheaper than Eskom power

ZESA better be on the look out because Eskom’s rates are being undercut by the emerging off-grid/grid-tied solar movement.

You can now buy ZESA tokens in the diaspora via Senditoo

You can now buy ZESA tokens for your family and friends back home in Zimbabwe through Senditoo.

ZERA introduces e-licenses for the petroleum sector

The Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (ZERA) has said in a statement that players in the petroleum sector will now receive e-licenses.

ZESA warns of possible load shedding due to fault at Hwange Power Station

ZESA has announced that there is a technical fault at Hwange Power station causing a limited supply of electricity.

ZESA prepaid token purchases system will be down… Again

ZESA has in a statement said that the prepaid vending system is going to be down on the 23rd and 24th of January due to a system upgrade.

Econet subsidiary DPA signs US$8 million solar system distribution deal with ZOLA Electric

Econet Subsidiary Distributed Power Africa (DPA) signed a US$8 million distribution deal with Zola Electric’s home solar systems.

ZESA prepaid token purchases will be down on New Year’s Eve

ZESA has in a statement announced that prepaid token vending system will be down on New Year’s Eve till late on January 1st 2021.

African Development Bank approves US$7 million grant for mini-grid industry

The African Development Bank (AfDB) has approved a US$7 million grant to support the continent’s renewable electricity mini-grid industry.

You can now pay your ZESA bill and purchase tokens in USD

The ZETDC has announced that ZESA post-paid customers can now pay settle their bills in foreign currency

ZESA introduces Net Metering which allows customers to sell excess solar power

ZESA has launched a net metering program that will see customers who generate thier own power being able to sell it back to the national grid

New ZESA Tariffs: new powerband & small price reduction

New ZESA Tariffs: the national power company has added a new top-end powerband at a marginally lower price than the most recent tariff change.

ZESA fault reporting numbers for Harare are down

The ZETDC has in a tweet notified customers in the Harare region that fault reporting numbers are down.

New ZESA tariffs and powerbands November 2020

ZESA has quietly changed around the powerbands and tariffs for electricity which sees a cheaper upper and lower band but a more expensive middle band.